Why Is It Wiser to Invest in An RTA Cabinetry Than A Custom One?

RTA kitchen cabinets

Even in the previous decade, the term ‘ready-to-assemble or RTA’ was associated with cheaper-, lesser-quality cabinets in comparison to conventional kitchen cabinetry. However, in these days, RTA cabinets are regarded as long-lasting, durable, sturdy, and high-quality ones by the designers and carpenters. They offer great value, easy assembly, and fast turnaround time.

RTA Cabinetry

Why should you invest in an RTA cabinetry?

There are various factors that you should consider while deciding whether or not to invest in RTA kitchen cabinets for your kitchen renovation project.

  • Value for money – Considering the latest economic condition of the country, many homeowners are getting interested in renovating their kitchen instead of upgrading the same. Such improvements greatly help to enhance the value of the home while creating a more comfortable and soothing space that can be enjoyed over the years. Cabinets are the most expensive component of a kitchen remodel project. But if you opt for RTA cabinets, you can save a lot in many ways without compromising your desire for well-built beautiful functional cabinets. These furniture pieces are less expensive on their own as they arrive unassembled. So homeowners can curtail labor costs by opting for them. RTA cabinets are always in stock and can be shipped quickly. They come in slim boxes and thus are transported easily. And, this, in turn, helps you save on the freight costs.
  • Quality – You don’t need to compromise the quality as it comes to RTA cabinets. They are known for outstanding quality at almost half of the cost you would be paying toward custom cabinet lines or big-box retailers. RTA cabinets feature plywood boxes with soft-closing drawers and doors. This makes it easy to use. Moreover, they often come with extra trims, moldings, pull-outs, and accessories that would help you create your desired custom look to compete with what you have seen in the semi-custom kitchens.
  • Ease of handling and transport– Traditional cabinets are packaged in a fully assembled condition and shipped accordingly in heavy large boxes. This causes a greater risk of damages during transit. But, RTA cabinets aka flat-pack cabinets are packaged and shipped in the flat boxes, as the name suggests. It makes it easy to handle and cut on freight charges. Another great benefit is flat-pack shipment has a lesser chance of damage. As the packages get loaded in the container, they tend to be stacked in a way that enhances the space. But the light-weight slim boxes of ready-to-assemble wholesale cabinets take less space and can be unloaded without difficulty upon delivery.
  • Easy assembly – Oftentimes, homeowners hand over the job of assembly and installation to the cabinet professionals. But those on a strict budget may have difficulty with this system. Nevertheless, with RTA cabinets they don’t have to worry about that. The cabinets are made such a way that anybody can assemble them easily. With a little practice, even a novice handyman can assemble them fast. Parts and pieces needed for the assembly are included in the package making it easy for the homeowners to assemble their favorite cabinets.

So if you’re on a tight budget but still want to remodel your kitchen, choose RTA cabinets. They are a really good option for home improvement on a strict budget.


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