Why do people regain weight after losing weight?

Weight loose

A lot of people see others on social media like Instagram, Facebook are changing themselves from a fatter version of theirs to a fitter version of theirs. They generally get inspired and even they want to try the same but before trying all of this we need to understand what kind of Nutrition, what kind of food approach they have been through to achieve this. It is very important for us to understand what kind of the right exercise and what kind of the food choices we have to make that suits us. The customization of the choices is very very important.

We cannot ignore the fact that we all are having crazy schedules, deadlines, targets etc to be met. Mostly by the end of the month we are drained off, losing all our energy & the focus. People are way ahead of this understanding – what a ‘DIET and EXERCISE’ can do & cannot.

As per the best nutritionist in Bangalore, before coming to a dietitian you need to be mentally prepared for that – yes, I am doing this for myself & for a better future. Whether the dietitian is expensive or not is not at all important -but will you be compliant or not is much more imp than just spending money.

The utmost important thing would be – ‘YOUR GOAL’

So, what are the things that you need to consider before seeing a dietitian/nutritionist —

Identify your needs before seeing a dietitian you need to first try & understand yourself. You need to identify your body’s needs & requirements. If you have already been in a medical condition, any specific sports related or pregnancy. You need to find your own areas to work on. You should also go to the dietitian with an understanding of how she will be able to help you. Explain all your points when asked & have an understanding if she will be able to help you achieve your goals. Be it improving your stamina, endurance on field or it could be burning of belly fat or even fertility nutrition.

Not going via social media advertisements. It’s very easy for us nowadays to find anything online. Since google, facebook etc are all tracking our search online, it’s become very easy to track even dietitians. We keep scrolling multiple advertisements on social media about certain diet freaks, dietitians etc. Some people tend to go by that. Please research your bit before seeing a dietitian. Look for their official website, reviews etc just like you do it before buying something on amazon. You need to know who you are going to. Don’t jump into conclusions. Do follow their pages, posts etc. If you really find them helpful probably go to them.

So, after doing all these efforts & hard work what could be the reasons for sustainability of the diet plan?

  • Following crash diets: Some of the people regain weight because they have been doing a crash diet to lose their weight. Now what is the sustainability of this crash diet is the question. When you try to shift on to the normal regular diet there are high chances that you can again regain the weight which you have already lost. So the main thing is when you are on a crash diet is basically you should look at something which is more sustainable or it should be under complete supervision when you are on a crash diet & trying to shift to a regular diet pattern.
  • Situations change, stress matters: A lot of people when try to go to a nutritionist and follower died regime -what all the conditions matter at that time and what are the conditions after that matters a lot. Because stress plays a very important factor in this. When you see a nutritionist, maybe you are at a young age, life is going well, there is no work stress and everything is perfect. You have time to manage your exercises, eating healthy etc. But what if later on in your life there is so much stress coming in -due to family 200 words there is deadline pics art cracked and stress as we all know some of the fat storing hormones which are basically cortisol stress also increases inflammation levels in the body hence you to all these reasons there are high possibility that you my lost the you my slowly start increasing weight gradually that cannot happen in one day but yes over a. If you are exposed to such situations you are also changing eating habits. You tend to go for hi fatty food or may be outside food, processed food, easy to cook food etc. Not only weight gain but it also affects on other blood parameters as well.
  • Learnings from the diet plan: Also when you tend to lose weight you need to understand a lot of concepts about nutrition what is good for you what is bad for you accept now this learning are for life the main thing is you have to maintain the uniformity of following a sustainable diet plan for the rest of your life you cannot do things which is for diet is not like a internship course that you will do only for 6 months and then you can happily enjoy afterwards it is something which is for your betterment of Health and you have to follow it for the rest of your life you have to incorporate these healthy changes and eating habits and modifications on a daily basis to see a change or to maintain them.
  • Exercise: And one of the most important factors is your exercise regime. As per the best nutritionist in Mumbai, a lot of people do not find time for maintaining the exercise timings and over time they tend to lose out on the exercise routine. Exercise helps a person with a lot of things. It helps in better blood circulation, better mood, better heart health etc. But the thing is you need to find at least one hour of a time of a daily routine in order to exercise well with good workout motivation. Some of the people do not find the time -they are busy with kids, taking care of their children or maybe the elderly people at home and tend to lose out on exercise time. So it’s very important that you continue and maintain a healthy lifestyle and yes in order to avoid all the lifestyle disorders.

Please do fall out of regime, pattern & it is okay. But make sure that time & again you do at least twice a year blood tests. Speak to your health professional if you would need further advice. Do seek their help. Your journey does not end once you stop going to a dietitian specially for sports or any specific medical conditions. There is no harm in doing this.


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