Where is the best place to bet on cricket tournaments?

cricket tournaments

Among the variety of sports disciplines that can be chosen for betting today, more and more people prefer cricket, which has unusual rules and has a lot of room for new strategies during the match. At the same time, the sport has a rich history of ups and downs. Suffice it to recall that it was included in the Olympic sports in 1900, but after that, it never appeared in the regulations of the Olympic disciplines. The search for optimal rules continues today, which has led to the emergence of several types of competitions:

  • first level cricket;
  • T20;
  • one-day matches.

Tournaments, which are held according to the rules of the first level, allow teams to find out the winner for up to 5 days. This format is great for test matches or meetings between national teams. It is easy to see that a match up to 5 days in duration is rather slow, therefore such tournaments provide the greatest freedom for tactical confrontation.

More popular today are the T20 matches, which take place dynamically and spectacularly. These matches are usually short. Two innings are enough to determine the winner of the match. On average, the length of a match is up to 4 hours.

ODI or One Day Matches represent the most balanced type of cricket tournament to date. Here the teams determine the championship during a one-day match, which lasts until 40-50 overs are reached. The rules in cricket are a lot like baseball. The task of the team members is to hit the ball after serving the defensive team. The match takes place between teams of 11 players each. The field is rounded and can be of various sizes. In its center is a pitch, which is 20 meters in diameter, where the main events take place. The players of the teams take turns hitting and serving the ball, and the defense consists of a bowler and ten outfield players. The attacking team consists of two batsmen.

If you are interested in a bet on cricket with Parimatch, then you can make it using the presented site. The bookmaker works around the clock, and to start a betting career, it is enough to go through a short registration procedure and replenish your deposit. The line always contains relevant events, which can be bet on in the form of a single, a system, or an express with high limits.

Popular types of cricket betting

The most common bets in cricket are:

  • In the end. Here the variety of betting options depends on the type of tournament. Level 1 matches allow for a draw, so odds have three paths. As with most other sports, the odds of a tie will be low, roughly comparable to hockey games. The one-day format and T20 exclude the possibility of a draw – either the first or the second team must win.
  • Double chance. The bet is made in the same way as the bet on the main outcome, but here you need to choose an additional condition, for example, the absence of a draw and the victory of the first team.
  • Handicap. In this section of the list of cricket matches, the bookmaker accepts bets on the fact that the team will be able to prevail in the match with a certain handicap, or will not lose to the opponent more than the specified size of the handicap. In cricket, in matches between strong opponents, you can often find a zero head start.

There is a total bet in many sports disciplines. Cricket is no exception. Here you should bet on the number of runs in a match or for a certain segment. We can talk about the total of both teams or each team individually. An interesting option for a bet is a bet on player statistics. When the game takes place between big teams or within the framework of an international tournament, there are many suggestions for personal statistics of athletes. This can be the number of hits or the number of hits worth 6 points. You can also bet on the player who will become the best batsman in the match.

Match statistics can be used to bet on minor events. In the list of major matches, you can find options such as betting on the number of run-outs or the best first partnership. You can bet in cricket at the first innings or the end of the draw. In the latter case, the chance of guessing the outcome is 50 to 50.


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