Virtual Reality – A virtual way of educating & training

VR in Education

With the advancement of time, everything is changing rapidly. People are changing with time and adopting a new way of experiencing & living. We see a big leap in teaching methodology, industrial training, entertainment, etc. The common factor in all is technology. Technology has become our prime partner in our day-to-day life as well as in our professional life. Technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality play a major role when it comes to entertainment, learning, and education is concerned.

VR for every industry

Virtual Reality, a technology that can give you an amazing visual experience. You can develop customized 3D content as per the need and can see the content play by using the VR device. Let us understand with an example, for instance, if you want to educate students about human anatomy and how it functions, first you must develop 3D animation of human anatomy and its functionalities. After that, you can see a detailed 3D animation video of human anatomy, and you will see how it functions. Therefore, this is the way; we can use VR technology to educate students of all levels. We can learn complex theory very easily with the help of VR technology. It makes learning interesting. With the changing time, teaching methodology has also changed whether it is jr/sr kg or post-graduation degree. The majority of educational institutes have adopted digital teaching, now; digital classroom has taken the place of the old & traditional blackboard. The modern classroom comes with a tablet or laptop. Therefore, now education will not remain boring.

When it comes to the commercial world, virtual reality is widely used in manufacturing units, entertainment zones, retail space, Research & development centers, training institutes, innovation centers, etc. each & every company are worried about the loss of production & defects and are continuously finding the solution to overcome from the loss of production or manufacturing errors. They usually train their people to make them understand the whole process of the machine or the production line. Continuous training & development helps to prevent or reduce losses, but sometimes it is impossible to explain or make associates understand the internal part of the machinery where the real problem occurs, as it is invisible, so, in this case, VR is useful and solves this problem quite well.  Here, the 3D animation of machine in-depth procedures video help associates to understand clearly, as they are able to see the internal part and its functionality. VR makes it possible. Apart from training VR is also useful for machine installation, assembling & disassembling. It can be useful as user guidance, instead of a written manual.

In science class, where practical is their mandatory requirement. Therefore, in this case, VR is an ideal tool to use. Things that you cannot learn theoretically, VR is capable to make you learn visually. You can experience, how different chemicals combination works and create scientific magic & disasters.

With Virtual reality, learning has become very easy and interesting; a better understanding has developed in students learning. For demo purposes, VR is the first preference. Training by using Virtual Reality has helped production associates to enhance their skills to a greater level and that has resulted in the smooth production process. Therefore, really, VR serves all major purposes related to education & training is concerned. Therefore, it is time to go virtual.  


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