Top 5 android mobile games 2021

Top 5 Android Mobile Games 2021

Today, with a change in technology the game developer companies are regularly upgrading their work to keep entertaining their users. The game developing companies always try to come up with some interesting features to engage new users and their existing users.

Initially, we remember the games like Snake, cricket on Nokia phones, then time changes and the mobile industry was captured by the android world. The more features we get in android, the game developers start developing interesting games like Bubble shot, Candy Crush, Temple Run, etc. . The more time changes and companies come up with new android versions and more interesting games to engage in their users.

Some of the interesting android games of the year 2021 are –

1.  Cut the Rope – The android game “cut the rope” is so successful that the developing company needs to develop more versions for this game. Today you can find more than 5 versions of this game and it was and is still trending among the users.

2.  Sorting Planets – Space World – Among one of the trending space sorting puzzle games. After a launch within 3 months, this game is able to grab the attention of users and get 500+ downloads. The Sorting Planets is a ball sorting game with different levels and with more difficulties in each level. It also helps kids to understand the colors and placing them in the same order. So, this game is really helpful for pass time, brainstorming and for kids too.

3. Jumping Jack – Help Jack to reach their destination by crossing all the hurdles coming on his way. This game has the challenge of reaching Level 50, as it is difficult to even reach level 10. The more you play, the more you love this game. (By Panther Studio)

4. Flipper – Shoot the ball – This type of game is not new for game lovers, but this particular game has some different types of attractions. Initially, it is easy to flip the ball and put it in the basket but the more we play this, we found it more difficult even to flip the ball. Must try once.

5. Color HOP 3D – Show your hopping skills, concentration power and one-finger touch control. The game is full depends on your concentration power, a small distraction and the game is over. This Color HOP 3D game you will find easy only if you concentrate on the timing, else it is quite hard to even cross level 1. (By Chatora Sant)

All the above games are experienced by the author and are his own views. You will definitely love all the above games.



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