Top 11 Cheap Smart Home Devices you should try

Smart Home Devices

The up-gradation of our technology is making our home smarter too. Many of us think making your home smart must be a costly step and worried about the effectiveness but there are a lot of smart home devices in the market that you can use to make your home smart without spending a lot of money. In today’s video, we’re going to show you the top ten best cheap smart home devices that you can have a look at to convert your home into a smart home.

Smart Oven Toaster grill

With the Smartness of gadgets, the kitchen needs to be smarter too. Smart Oven Toaster Grill is all that you need. You can instruct this smart Oven toaster grill using your smartphone via a specified app. Smart oven Toaster will help you prepare delicious new menus every day. You can learn new recipes for baking, toasting, and grilling food every day using a specific app. The OTG comes with features like adjustable temperature, mechanical timer, etc. you can bake soft bread, cakes, cookies very easily in this smart OTG. With an LCD display panel and touchpad, you can easily set timer and temperature in this OTG for perfect and delicious recipes. This will definitely help you make your kitchen look smarter. Look at the best OTG oven in India.

Aoycocr Smart Plug

Smart home accessories make our lifestyle convenient and efficient. That’s why you need the Aoycocr Smart Plug, a feature pack smart plug for your home. This plug is compatible with smart home devices including Amazon Echo. Google home. And this allows you to control your home appliances with just your voice command. It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to connect it to the Aoycocr mini-app and control your home appliances from your smartphone.  You can also set schedules to turn off and on your appliances to save energy. You can set a group for all Wi-Fi smart clocks and control them in one command. You can also share your smart plug with all the family members in a minute so that everyone can control it. This mark lock has a premium PCB board phosphor bronze contacts and comes with the flame-retardant gel to ensure safety for you and your appliances. Packed with so many useful features and smart technologies, the Aoycocr Smart Plug can be a nice addition to your life.

LIF X Mini 800

Fill your home with smart brightness with a LIF X smart light belt that fits just right in your smart home. The LIF X can generate up to 800 lumens of brightness while consuming just nine watts of power. While allowing it to provide uninterrupted brightness in a super-efficient way, this light bulb has built-in Wi-Fi that allows it to control it via the smartphone app. This light is also compatible with smart home devices so that you can control it with a voice command. This light bulb is dimmable and allows it to adjust its brightness to enhance the comfort of any room. It also offers intuitive control that lets you control the light individually or as groups. You can also set timers for OneTouch automation. The LIF X 800 pledges to spice up any home environment with its colorful bright light.

Kasa Smart Light Switch

What’s a smart home without a Smart Switch, right? That’s why you should have a tp-link Kasa light switch, a unique and smart switch that lets you control your home devices without any effort. This light switch comes with built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to control from the Kasa smart app without leaving your comfort zone. This switch is also a smart assistant compatible to offer voice control. You can use the Kasa smart app to set schedules and other fixtures, to switch on or off your home appliances at set times each day. This smart light switch is super easy to install and features an illuminating LED indicator so that you can find or switch even when it’s dark. The Kasa smart light switch can be your first step towards creating your smart home while spending a little money.

Tile sticker

Are you tired of searching for your belongings in time of need? Then you need tile Sticker, a smart tracking device that keeps track of your items when you are not available. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity with a 150 feet range that allows you to connect it to the smartphone app and keep track of its items within the range you can attach it on almost anything with its non-toxic adhesive and tracking. The Tile app remembers when and where you left something behind and notifies you. It comes with a built-in battery that has a three-year battery life so that you can keep track of your home belongings for an extended period of time plus it’s also waterproof. The Tile Sticker is the virtual caretaker of your home belongings.

Ecobee 3 Lite Smart Thermostat

With a manual thermostat, keeping your home temperature stable can be difficult. That’s why you need the Ecobee 3 Lite Smart Thermostat that automatically adjusts your home temperature so that you can always live comfortably. It comes with Ecobee smart sensor that allows you to detect room temperature and automatically adjusts without your touch. This thermostat is compatible with smart voice stents that allows you to control it via your voice command without leaving your comfort zone. This thermostat has built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to connect you to the Ecobee app and control it from your smartphone without any hassle. Make your home environment comfortable with the Ecobee 3 Lite smart thermostat.

Minut Point Smart Home Alarm

Ensuring a safe home environment has always been a major concern for many of us but now you can do that easily with Minut Point Smart Home Alarm, a powerful and feature-packed alarm system that notifies you about different threats at home. Equipped with powerful PIR sensors, this device can detect motion, noise level, and pressure and humidity and notifies you if anything odd happens. It has a built-in powerful 95 decibels siren that immediately notifies you of intruders so that you can take quick action. This Minut Point Smart home alarm also acts as a nightlight which allows you to provide brightness when you are under the unit at night. You can also save a schedule for when to light up. It has built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to connect to the app and monitor your home wirelessly. It also packs a rechargeable battery that lasts up six months on a single charge. The Minut point Smart Home Alarm can be your perfect home monitor and alarm system with a cheap price range.

Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor

Monitoring your home can be a difficult task especially if you have a big house that’s why you should have a Samsung SmartThings multipurpose Sensor, a smart sensor that monitors your home 24/7 so that you can have peace of mind. This Smart sensor offers versatile monitoring including door windows open or closed, vibration, orientation, and temperature, and many more to make your lifestyle convenient. It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to connect to the smartphone app. This sensor monitors your home 24/7 without stopping and notifies you instantly. This smart sensor is also a voice assistant and compatible that allows you to control it easily with just your voice command. The Samsung SmartThings multipurpose Sensor is the perfect addition for any smart home.

Shine Bathroom Cleaner

Everybody hates cleaning their washroom at the weekend. That’s why you should have a Shine Bathroom Cleaner, a powerful bathroom cleaner that ensures your bathroom always stays fresh with the help of AI technology. This device is able to detect when your toilet has become dirty and uses electrolytes water to clean your toilet automatically. This device can also detect leaks, overflows, water usage, and many more and sends the data to the smartphone app via Wi-Fi. This device is compatible with smartphone assistance and allows you to control and adjust a voice command. It automatically organizes your bathroom so that you can always have a fresh-smelling bathroom whenever you use it. It also features a powerful rechargeable battery which can last about six months on a single charge. The shine bathroom cleaner is the most perfect thing to have in any bathroom.

Keymitt Smart Lock

Our homes are getting smarter day by day then why not your door lock? That’s why you should have the Keymitt Smart Lock, a smart locking system that makes your traditional lock a smart lock. It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to connect it to the Keymitt app and lets you lock and unlock your door lock with just your smartphone. It uses ES 256 dynamic key encryption for security which makes it unhackable so that you can always stay worry-free. This smart lock is also compatible with smart systems like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant that allows you to control it via your voice command. This lock can also tell if an intruder is trying to break into your home and instantly send notifications to the app so that you can take quick action. If you are searching for a smart door lock that is compatible with all of our smart home devices and comes at an affordable price then the Keymitt Smart Door Lock is the right choice for you.

Xiaomi Rice Cooker

Increase the standard of your kitchen with Xiaomi Rice Cooker. This rice cooker can cook around 3 liters of rice at once. This rice cooker comes with accessories like paddles and serving spoon, measuring cup all of which are from the Xiaomi brand and of high quality. The Xiaomi smart rice cooker is able to be controlled by the Xiaomi Home app. You can set the rice cooker as per your specifications via the Xiaomi Home app. There are buttons on the top of the Xiaomi smart rice cooker but you also precise in the app how you want to cook the rice. You can find different recipes on the smart app. You can also decide the type of rice and the time for which you want your rice to be cooked. This is a perfect smart home gadget to convert your kitchen and home into a smart home. Check out the best rice cooker in India.


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