The Laravel Security Checklist to Protect Your Web App

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The moment you are reading this particular blog, it is obvious that you are already aware of the fact that no matter what you create using this framework, this is hands down the best one you can make use of. This popularity is as a result of a wide variety of features that the framework is characterized by. This blog deals with the most crucial feature, Laravel security. However, before talking in detail about the Laravel app security, it is vital that you know a bit more in detail about this popular framework.

The constantly increasing popularity of the Lavravel PHP framework has made the decision to hire Laravel developers, so much easier for so many companies. The popularity of Laravel is further evident from the fact that presently it contains around 45000 stars in the repositories of GitHub.

This blog desks with why spending money on Laravel development services is a wise decision in addition to the security features it comes equipped with. It deals with the reasons why this framework consists of everything that a particular application requires. However, before dealing with the security features, it is important that you are informed in more detail about this PHP framework.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP framework, which is open-source in nature, which automatically points towards the fact that it can be modified whenever the developer wants to based on customer needs and requirements. It was originally developed by Taylor Otwell as a replacement to CodeIgniter, which was a very popular framework before the introduction of Laravel into the market. The architectural patterns of Laravel are hugely based on Symfony.

The humongous popularity that larval enjoys today originally came after the release of version 3. It consisted of new features like support for database migrations and system and a command-line interface named Artisan.

After getting to know about the framework itself, the question that might come to your mind is how secure Laravel security actually is. The next section answers that very question of yours, which will help you to be knowledgable about how effective Laravel security is. To be precise, the upcoming section talks about the Laravel security checklist, which helps you to protect the web app that you develop for your business.

To understand the Laravel checklist, you need to be informed about the Laravel security features, as it will draw a picture of how this framework is a perfect choice, as far as security is concerned. So let us begin.

Security Protocols You Need to Follow in Order to Safeguard your app

Validate all kinds of data

Laravel helps you limit the SQL injections with the help of a PDO parameter and an Eloquent ORM. No matter what kind of data you come across while making use of Laravel applications, whether it comes from GET and POST, server environment, configuration file or anywhere else. You must trust it at the very beginning, and search for Laravel security vulnerabilities.

Have a powerful authentication system

The Laravel authentication system is something that you must be properly informed about to get to know the intricacies of Laravel security. When a web application is created using Laravel, you need to make sure that the user making use of the app, goes through an authentication process, so that his identity is verified properly.

Store hashed passwords

Make sure that sensitive data like passwords are hashed, using powerful hashing function like bcrypt. In comparison to this, hashing functions like, MD5 and SHA1 are drastically weaker. Fortunately, Laravel security packages come equipped with bcrypt, thus you can be sure that while using Laravel, strong and hashed passwords are used.  


The above blog talks in delta about the Laravel security checklist that you need to maintain if you want to protect the web app that you are creating for your company. However, security is a sensitive topic and is of no use if not done right. So the best thing you can do is hire an expert Laravel developer. If you take the decision to hire dedicated Laravel developers for your project, you will not have to stress yourself about security.


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