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smart garden

Smart gardens are large databases and intelligent control of smart gardens. Under the new situation of Internet + development, under the guidance of Internet + thinking, my country’s gardening department integrates the Internet and the Internet of Things, big data cloud computing, mobile Internet, information intelligent terminals and other new technologies. Technology is fully integrated into the construction of modern ecological gardens. In this way, people and nature can be “smart” to obtain three-dimensional, real-time, and true dynamic perception, which can also make people and nature have good effects such as interaction, mutual knowledge, and mutual inductance.


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Smart garden management system construction plan

In the construction of smart gardens, garden trees are automatically watered and maintained. Monitoring equipment such as sensors, video surveillance, and the Internet of Things is used to monitor soil, air temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, and illuminance to monitor possible problems. , Timely transmission to the server, the server terminal adopts the Internet of Things technology after receiving the monitoring information to realize intelligent irrigation.

Smart garden monitoring and control system

Utilize existing monitoring facilities and the deployment of sensors, video surveillance and Internet of Things monitoring equipment, combined with artificial intelligence and big data analysis, comprehensively monitor the dynamic data information of garden meteorology, soil, trees and flowers, garden infrastructure and personnel for garden maintenance And management provides data basis for auxiliary decision-making. And realize garden intelligent irrigation, intelligent lighting and other functions through IoT monitoring data.

Smart garden management system

Realize a picture garden management, based on a garden picture, integrate maintenance management, garden asset management, garden patrol inspection and other systems, through the intelligent identification, tracking, analysis and management of garden elements and events, using big data, cloud Technologies such as calculation, expert database and knowledge base realize refined and intelligent garden management.

Smart Garden Service System

Mainly use mobile Internet technology to realize the service functions of both management personnel and tourists and build a platform for landscaping personnel, smart garden systems and public information exchanges.

The structure of the smart garden management system

The intelligent landscaping management information platform uses the Internet, the Internet of Things, computer networks, geographic information and other modern science and technology to realize the real-time collection, maintenance and dynamic management of urban landscaping resources. The construction content includes an intelligent weather monitoring system, an intelligent monitoring system, and an intelligent insect Eight systems including the situation forecasting system, intelligent spore capture system, early warning and forecasting system, expert system, mobile terminal APP, and information management platform have realized the unified and orderly management of resources, further supervised the quality of greening maintenance, and improved the management level of landscaping. Provide a basis for leaders’ decision-making.

Intelligent weather monitoring system

The intelligent monitoring system is mainly responsible for collecting agricultural and forestry planting and production environment information, including: soil moisture, soil temperature and humidity, air temperature/humidity, rainfall, wind speed/wind direction and other index information, and transmitting the results to the central server, which is based on the collected information Environmental information intelligently warns the occurrence of diseases for users at all levels to check and use. The collected environmental information can generate charts to provide decision-making data and information support for managers to study and analyze the occurrence of agricultural and forestry pests under different climatic conditions, and achieve rapid and accurate forecasting of pests.

Intelligent monitoring system

The remote monitoring system is composed of five parts: camera, transmission, control, display, and storage. A 360° omni-directional infrared high-definition camera is installed in the management area. Users can clearly and intuitively view the regional disease and insect disasters in real time. Real-time command and dispatch.

Intelligent insect situation forecasting system

Through intelligent pest monitoring equipment, the system can trap and kill pests without pollution, and is environmentally friendly. At the same time, it uses GPRS/3G mobile wireless network to collect on-site images at regular intervals and automatically upload them to the remote IoT monitoring service platform. The staff can remotely at any time Understand the situation and changes of the insect situation and formulate control measures. After system setting or remote setting, automatically take pictures and wirelessly send the pictures taken on site to the monitoring platform. The platform automatically records the data collected every day to form a pest database, which is displayed to agricultural experts in various charts and lists for remote diagnosis.

Intelligent spore capture system

The system uses intelligent spore capture equipment to monitor pathogenic spores and pollen dust particles. At the same time, it uses GPRS/3G mobile wireless network to collect on-site images at regular intervals and automatically upload them to the remote IoT monitoring service platform. The staff can check it remotely at any time Spore disease situation and change trend, formulate control measures. After system setting or remote setting, automatically take pictures and send the pictures taken on site wirelessly to the monitoring platform. The platform automatically records the data collected every day to form a spore database, which is displayed in various charts and lists to agricultural experts for remote diagnosis.

Early warning and forecasting system

The system displays the development and development trend of regional disasters in the form of graphs and lists. When the data detected by the analysis instrument exceeds the safety range, it will automatically start an alarm, issue SMS warning information and graphic warning information, and notify management personnel at all levels to take measures in time .

Expert system

The system gathers all the information and contact information of disease and insect pest control experts in provinces, cities and counties. Users can contact experts to consult on the prevention and control of agricultural and forestry pests, and they can also share their own prevention and control experience into the system to diagnose and diagnose disasters. Analyze and formulate prevention and control measures in time to reduce disaster losses.

Mobile terminal APP

It is convenient for supervisors to view system information anytime and anywhere through mobile terminal devices such as mobile phones and remotely operate related equipment.

Information management platform

This platform has the functions of managing levels, viewing and managing systems by authority. Relevant units of various provinces, cities and counties (plant protection station of agricultural bureau, forest protection station, forestry bureau, plant protection and quarantine bureau, etc.) can fully inspect the functional jurisdiction through this information management platform The development status of harmful organisms can be viewed remotely and real-timely on-site monitoring pictures, and timely prevention, control during the disaster, and post-disaster management can be done in time.

System technology structure of smart garden

The wisdom of landscaping management is also one of the important indicators in the national smart city pilot indicator system. The system architecture of “smart garden” is to make overall consideration of all levels, aspects, and various participating forces of urban garden construction, understand and analyze various relationships that affect the construction of smart cities, and proceed from a global perspective Overall and comprehensive design, determine long-term construction goals, formulate paths and methods to achieve goals, and establish a security system for the development of smart gardens to improve the play of ecological benefits.

1. Perception layer: Data collection and perception are mainly used to collect physical events and data that occur in the physical world, including various physical quantities, signs, audio, and video data, mainly using image collection monitoring equipment, remote sensing monitoring equipment and inspection terminals and other intelligence Facilities, use the Internet, Internet of Things and other methods to connect and transmit;

2. Network layer: to achieve a wider range of interconnection functions, to be able to transmit the perceived information without barriers, high reliability, and high security. It requires the integration of sensor networks, mobile communication technologies and Internet technologies, including government affairs networks, Wireless network, Internet, mobile network, Internet of Things, etc.;

3. Software and hardware support layer: realize the functions of supporting cross-industry, cross-application, and cross-system information collaboration, sharing, and intercommunication, including cloud computing services, computer rooms, monitoring halls, servers and network facilities, and basic software;

4. Data layer: including basic geographic information data, landscaping resource data, business management data and online monitoring data, etc.;

5. Application layer: including geographic information sharing platform, comprehensive display platform, operation and maintenance management platform, data exchange platform, data dynamic update platform and other application support platforms and e-government management system, greening resource management system, maintenance inspection management system, greening project Business application layer such as management system, greening decision analysis system, digital park management system, intelligent monitoring and management system.

Analysis of the development prospects of smart garden management system

Smart gardens connect people and nature in a smart way to achieve mutual inductance, mutual knowledge and interaction between people and nature, allowing people to build and share the smart garden environment, realize the dialogue between man and nature, and fully enjoy the green welfare of the garden. People’s living environment is more harmonious and more livable. Now, smart gardens are gradually stepping into all aspects of our lives, changing our way of life and work. The intelligent landscaping management information platform integrates information science, computer science, remote sensing observation, communication technology, garden management, geographic information management, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and many other disciplines, theories, and cutting-edge technologies, which can be used for landscaping management Provide technical support in terms of visual greening resource management, dynamic maintenance inspections, and intelligent auxiliary decision-making, which completely changed the operation mode of landscaping management and reached the standardization, standardization, digitization, grid, and intelligent management level, which will become The inevitable trend of the future development of landscaping operation and management.

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