Relieve your pain with regenerative medicine

Relieve Your Pain

It is so difficult when you are in pain. Life feels harder and you have so much burden to bear. Completing your daily task, reaching your goal, and having a good time with your friends and family can be very difficult when you are dealing with pain. Whether your pain is caused by injury at work, chronic related pain, or motor accident, it affects your quality of life. Therefore, you can only live a good quality of life with the help of regenerative and pain management medicine. While pain management medicine helps relieve your pain, regenerative medicine focuses on healing the conditions that cause pain in your body.

Regenerative medicine is a fast-growing field of medicine. It focuses on healing damaged tissues and strengthen tendons. It is used for the treatment of different kinds of conditions including chronic pain that occurs throughout the joint and muscles in the body. Also, they are used to help patients suffering from chronic health issues such as Arthritis injury from sport, and many more. Regenerative medicines are very beneficial and work depending on the cause of pain and the type of condition you want to treat.

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Benefits of regenerative medicine

Speed up your healing process and recovering

Regenerating medicine contains substances that help boost your healing process. They help your healing cells to work faster than they normally do. Moreso, the repair damaged areas in your tendons, and tissues. They work with your body cells directly, thereby they directly heal the source of your pain. Regenerative medicines do not provide temporary relief to your pain, instead, they speed up your healing process. Furthermore, they hasten the growth process in muscles and ligaments while alleviating your pain.

Improve body function

One of the most abundant proteins in the body is collagen. However, its production reduces due to aging. The use of regenerative supplements boosts your cell to produce more collagen. This helps strengthens your muscles and tendons. Also, regenerative medicine makes your joint flexible as you age thereby, increasing your mobility. This helps you to be able to carry out your daily activities without difficulties.

Stimulation of the spinal cord

This type is often used for the treatment of neuropathic pain. A condition that often affects 30% of patients after having back surgery. The stimulation is now used in recent times to avoid traditional back surgery. Spinal cord stimulation helps to ease this kind of condition. It is achieved by first implanting a stimulator in the spinal cord which is responsible for sending electrical pulses to the electrodes in the spinal cord. The stimulator obstructs pain signals going to the brain. Therefore, the patient does not feel any pain in the body. Although, sometimes they feel a prickling sensation in that particular area. Besides, spinal cord stimulation is also used to treat conditions like complex regional pain syndrome. The condition is caused by damage in the central and peripheral nerve pain, therefore, causing pain in the hand, one limb, foot, and many more.

Remember no matter how severe your pain is, you are not alone and you do not have to suffer in pain. If you encounter any accident either at home, work, or any social gathering, do not hesitate to go for cross-examination. And you will be given regenerative medicine to stop the pain and heal you completely.


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