Pros and Cons of VPN

Pros And Cons Of VPN

In the present time, VPN is necessary for securing data and personal information. VPN stands for Virtual private network. It is a simple software that is created to protect your online privacy and make life difficult for hackers by hiding traffic and location. A VPN can be used for so many things like unlocking geo-restrictions, downloading torrents fast, and preventing bandwidth throttling.

Before buying the VPN service, you must all know the pros and cons of VPN. Let’s see below:

Pros and Cons of A VPN

VPN has also advantages and disadvantages both like other services have. Everybody should aware of the facts and features of the VPN. 

Advantages of A VPN


VPN has many protocols which help in safeguarding and protecting the personal information of the user. It makes the tunnel between the device and the internet service provider. The tunnel encrypted the data, the internet service provider is not able to read it.

The tunnel makes all the information unreadable. A VPN is very beneficial, it masks the IP address and location of the user hides it, so that cybercriminals, hackers, government agencies, and Internet service providers not able to track the online activities. Therefore, the information will not be transferred to a third party.

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When we use free WI-FI or a public WI-FI service, may not be secure and safe. Hackers can easily track the data and misuse it. Whenever uses public WI-FI, hackers can easily get the bank details, emails, online transactions.

Therefore, VPN helps in securing the online connections of the user. If the user opts good paid VPN, it offers high security and encrypted tunnel, no hacker able to track the personal information of the user. Because hackers are not able to read the encrypted data.


In India, the user can watch only the shows which are available to Indians. By using the VPN service, we can watch that shows are restricted to Indians. VPN helps in removing geo-restricted contents, movies, T.V shows, etc.

It generally happens because of the rules and regulations of the country. VPN service hides the IP address and the location through which no one can track your identity and location, and it helps to remove geo- barriers.


Bandwidth throttling means it usually occurs when ISP reduces the speed of the internet. It often occurs to improve and remove the traffic and network congestion. Another reason for bandwidth throttling is to upgrade the costlier data plan.

VPN helps encrypts the traffic, mask online activities, and data consumption. So, it hides the IP address and the location.  Internet service providers unaware of the activities are happening online.


VPN hides the IP address, so it does not track online activities like online gaming. There will be no traffic and no network problem occurs. This also helps in access banned games or restricted games, because the location is not showing. So, the Internet service providers not able to track the location. It leads to access the online games.


VPN helps in secure torrenting.  It makes our torrenting easier and smooth. VPN does not allow ISPs to track data and personal information. Torrenting can also be considered as illegal as per your country’s rules and regulations. If you using a secure VPN, you will not be in danger.

After looking at all the advantages of VPN, we should move further to the disadvantages of VPN. 

Disadvantages of VPN


Choosing a good VPN is essential. It protects our data secure. The free VPNs are riskier than the paid ones. The paid VPN offers better security and encryption than the unpaid ones.

We should use a VPN that provides features of kill switch, excellent security, and no-log feature.


VPN which gives better quality and more security will be expensive. If you want better security then you should not think about the price. The focus is on security and encryption.

In case you have short of funds, then many VPNs are cost-effective and also provide better security and quality at reasonable prices. VPN will cost you less when you buy for one year or more.


While choosing VPN, always look out for the features, so that you will not be in danger in the future. Sometimes VPN provides good quality, secure connection, protocols, still can hamper the speed. But if you have a powerful CPU and high-speed bandwidth, then might this problem not arise. Still, you must know all the features of a VPN.


Even though you use a trusted and costly VPN, sometimes your connection drops. Then your IP address can be seen and anybody can misuse that information. So before taking VPN service, you should check the feature of the kill switch. This feature helps in securing data and your IP address and location will not visible to ISPs.


After analyzing all the advantages and disadvantages of VPN. We are finally to the conclusion that VPN should take for securing the data and personal information. I feel that nobody should hamper the privacy of others. VPN is beneficial to access censored, blocked, and geo-restricted content.

It is totally up to you to decide wisely. It is advisable to choose high-speed connection and unlimited bandwidth to bandwidth throttling.


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