Laser Hair Removal Vs Electrolysis: Which Is Most Suitable For You?

Laser Hair Removal

Everybody has thin, fine hair all over their face, which is often referred to as peach fuzz. It is quite normal to have that, but for some people, it might be really important to be able to get rid of that peach fuzz, mostly around the mouth and brows. Waxing and shaving are quite cheap and convenient options for other areas of the body like legs and underarms, but for the face, you need to be more careful and precise and the solution also needs to be slightly more long-lasting than waxing and shaving.

This is where options like laser hair removal and electrolysis come into the picture. These are two permanent and semi-permanent methods of hair removal that can get you rid of facial hair and hair on other parts of the body but only with the help of experienced dermatologists. People are often confused between these options and they need a detailed guide to understand how one option is different from the other. Let us guide you through these options and you can choose the option more convenient for you.

How do these methods work?

For laser hair removal for women or facial hair removal for women, the dermatologists make use of mild radiation through high-heat lasers directly on the hair follicles. There is a light that is emitted by the laser which is then absorbed by the pigment in the hair. This light energy produces heat which further damages the hair follicle in order to slow down the growth of the hair.

With laser hair removal for women or facial hair removal for women through laser, you can target on coarse, dark hair and treat a bunch of them together. Treating small areas through this method only takes a few minutes. Later when the hair grows back after some time, it will be finer and lighter in colour, unlike after shaving or waxing.

Electrolysis is not a very well-known or often-used method even though it is just as good as laser hair removal. Only a licensed, board-certified dermatologist can perform this procedure. This method involves inserting a probe in the hair follicle and damaging it through electric currents. Only enough electric current is allowed to pass to prevent new hair from growing.

How safe are these methods?

Laser hair removal for women is considered to be safe for long-term health and electrolysis is also likely to be considered safe for long-term health.

Which method should be preferred for a particular skin or hair type?

Laser hair removal for women is best when you have really dark hair because the laser targets dark colours easily.The new hair growth will prove to be less dense than before and will also be a few shades lighter than before. A procedure like laser hair removal is a perfect option for people looking for a solution like this in India.

There are a lot of dermatologists that offer some of the best hair removal laser treatment in Ahmedabad. This permanent hair removal treatments is for men as well, not only for women. You can look for laser hair in Ahmedabad and will find some really amazing health and wellness centers offering permanent hair removal treatment for men as well as women.

While electrolysis is also considered to be safe and effective for almost all people of different skin types, hair types, and hair colour. Electrolysis, just like laser hair removal is also very much suitable for almost any part of the body, even the eyebrows.

How long does the treatment go on for?

For any laser hair removal treatment for men as well as women, it usually takes about four to eight months, between each session given at least a month’s time be passed. Once that is done, the hair growth will be much lighter and slower than usual. So you will not be required to go for laser hair removal treatment that often, maybe just once or twice a year would be enough for proper maintenance.

On the other hand, for a method like electrolysis, many people require quite a few sessions because there are multiple follicles for each hair. Each dormant follicle might end up growing between the time given between each session. But this is just for smaller parts of your body. Large parts of your body like legs will require sessions for quite a longer time, compared to laser hair treatment.

To know the exact difference between the number of sessions for both laser hair removal and electrolysis you can get in touch with some of the dermatologists providing the best laser hair removal in Ahmedabad. They will guide you on the basis of your skin type and hair and you will get a good comparison between both the methods and proper guidance.

How much do these methods cost?

At the time of comparing the price between both these methods, you will find out that laser hair removal treatment for men as well as women is slightly more expensive compared to electrolysis. Laser hair removal cost being a bit expensive can be justified easily by comparing the kind of treatment it is, and the results you get after it, it is totally worth it.

You can ask anyone who has gone through a laser hair removal treatment and they will only have good things to say. Laser hair removal in Ahmedabad has become quite common and you will find these treatments at competenet prices if you compare different options available to you.

Final comparison

Both laser hair removal treatment and electrolysis are preferred based on the requirements of your skin and hair type. Each skin and hair type is different and thus requires a different solution. For a more detailed understanding, you must get in touch with dermatologists that offer the best laser hair removal in Ahmedabad and you will be able to discuss both the treatments and which one is more suitable for you. You will also be able to compare the laser hair removal cost vs electrolysis cost.


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