Job Portals and their importance

Job Portals and their importance

A job portal as it is popularly known is a name given to online job boards that helps job applicants all over the world find jobs and provide assistance to the employers in their search for their ideal candidates. There are several career websites like Monster, Indeed and Times Jobs that have job portals that offer a wide range of jobs in a number of fields. There are many universities, government agencies, NGOs as well as private businesses that have their own job portals which can be accessed by the applicant in order to get adequate information about the various jobs available on the market.

A job portal constitutes direct solicitations for employment. There are ample sites that offer multiple suggestions for finding a job or various career options but do not list a specific task. You can apply for various jobs online through the job portals as they can provide you with a direct link that will redirect you to the company website. There are some cases where a job portal might provide additional information, such as the direct contact number for the human resource department.

What is a Job Board Software?

The job board software is a type of software that provides solutions to the organizations regarding its advertising about open positions internally as well as externally. It can be integrated with the existing company website although it does have the features of being a stand-alone application. Incorporating social networks for social hiring’s has reached another dimension through recent developments in Job Board Software. The basic features of this software include applicant tracking, search tools, email integration that help affiliate the candidates with appropriate positions.

Few features of Job Board Software are:

  • Auto filling of the registration page using the CV content
  • CMS content pages that have blogs as well as article editors
  • PayPal E-commerce
  • It has a unique and flexible design system. Custom designs are also available.
  • Includes CV database search with blind CV’s option if you want to allow recruiters to search the database but pay to contact the job seeker.
  • Has the feature of alerting the recruiters about CVs that match the job profile.
  • XML feed creator in admin

Benefits of Job Board Software

  • Dashboard for easier management of applicants- All the applicants can be managed in a central location by the recruiters. They can also add traffic data and insights generated by the reporting/analytics feature to the dashboard.
  • Seamless communication with the candidates- Emailing templates with automated responses makes it easier for the recruiters to communicate with the candidates.
  • Integrations with other job boards and tools- Integrating a job board software can maximize your research. There are a number of job board tools like applicant tracking, recruiting and talent management. Also, some widely known online job boards like Indeed and Monster. You get a wider pool of candidates to choose from.
  • Keyword specific job searches, as well as automatic alerts- Candidates, can run keyword specific searches and set alerts for particular skills or job types.
  • Mobile job application capabilities- Nowadays, a mobile career app is visible on the phones of young people. When mobile is done right, it is a big boost for the candidates’ experience and increases trust in the brand.
  • Job postings on social media- Companies, integrating social media in their job boards can spread the word to a broader audience. Candidates are now highly affluent with social media.

Job Portal Script

Job portal script is an easy to use PHP script that allows you to manage your online job portal. This PHP script job portal is used significantly by businesses or companies to build their job portal software. Business owners add recruiters to manage their hiring process as this is one moist critical task that requires knowledge of human resources. The software is advanced and is easy to use, and the admin can handle it himself. The admin can easily monitor the number of jobs, users, categories as well as the payment history from the user-friendly responsive admin panel.

By using a job portal script, employers will be able to post jobs on the website by adding the details of the job as well as the skills required. Jobseekers can then search for jobs on various sites using several categories like experience, location, etc. They can study the details of the situation, save them for viewing it later and can then apply for the job if they are qualified. Jobseekers can also add a cover letter while applying for a job using a PHP job portal script. Users can easily create or update their CVs by selecting a suitable format. The admin can activate, deactivate, edit or even delete the information of any employer and job seeker.

Features of Job Portal Scripts include:

  1. Mobile Responsive– The job portals are pretty much mobile responsive. If you are a job applicant, then you can view all the notifications on your mobile.
  • Job applicants-Refers to the people who are searching for jobs. These job seekers can view the various posts available on the job portal and wish to apply them according to their credentials.
  • Employers– This refers to the people who employ the best applicants for the job. The employers visit the profile of the applicants posted on the job portals and then select the ideal candidate for the round of interviews.

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