Jaisalmer sightseeing: Visit an amazing place with us!

Jaisalmer sightseeing Visit an amazing place with us

Rajasthan has a treasure of happiness in the form of various amazing places to visit. Jaisalmer is one of the best and most visited cities in Rajasthan. It is also known as ‘The Golden City’ and is very fascinating. The city can freshen up the Arabian night allegory. The most renowned specialty of the city is a number of structures and buildings made with special yellow sandstones which make this place picture perfect. Jaisalmer sightseeing can really be an awesome and never forgettable experience for travel lovers.

Located in the Thar Desert, this place can make you happy by surprising you with many enchanting places here.  The best time to travel across the city is from September to March and you should avoid the summer desert heat. If you want the pure joy of travelling Jaisalmer and want to experience the complete majesty of the city, you should go during the annual Jaisalmer Desert Festival which is often held in late January or at the start of February.

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Our best Jaisalmer Packages offers you an opportunity to visit the various amazing places in the city, check out the details below:

Jaisalmer fort and palace museum:

The most popular and must-see attraction of the city is the beautiful sandstone fort, which looks like a huge sandcastle rising from the desert. We can take you to such places and make things better for you. No more transportation hassle! This fort was built by Rajput Ruler Jaisal in 1156, who also founded the city at the same time. The thing which makes this fort uncommon is that it is one of the very few living forts across the globe. There are thousands of people living behind the walls of this fort. It is also surrounded by many hotels, guesthouses, temples, handicraft shops and many more. You will surely go to admire the beauty of this place one day.

The Jain Temples:

The glorious series of seven interconnected Jain temples are among the main attractions inside the Jaisalmer fort. The temples made with sandstone with details. One would need to remove shoes and all other leather items before entering the temples. The usual timings of the opening of the temple are from 8 am to 12 pm.

The Haveli tour:

 The city is known for the fairy saga of architecture and for the splendid historical Havelis located inside as well as outside of the fort. You can find many of them in the very thin lane in a little walk to the north of the fort. The Patwa Haveli of 19th century is the biggest Haveli in this area also the most important one. The Patwa Haveli is a group of five houses built by a rich Jain trader and his sons. The Kothari’s Patwa Haveli is specifically very magnificent, the reason being the jaw-dropping complex stone and artwork.

Sand dunes and Desert national park:

This is the most popular thing to do if you are in Jaisalmer. A number of people go to the famous and scenic sand dunes at the time of sunset almost 50 km away from Jaisalmer. You would also witness that the cultural programs and the camel safari make a jubilation environment. You can stay in the sand dunes overnight and get a unique experience by choosing the desert camps. While heading to the dunes one can also visit the abandoned village called Kuldhara, it is a very interesting place to visit.

If you want to go in the more quite desert tour then head to dunes around Khuri village in the desert national park. Places are available for stay such in traditional style.

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