How To Keep Your Diamonds Clean And Sparkling

Diamonds Clean And Sparkling

Diamonds are appealing natural objects created from pressures within the Earth’s crust, a process that takes billions of years to produce. Are these objects breakable? No, at least not under regular conditions. However, that will not be a worry. Any diamond shop offers a rough diamond for sale and can polish them for you. The difficulty arises in keeping them sparkling. Over time they will lose their sheen. There are various requirements needed to maintain their sparkle.

Is a diamond everlasting?

Yes, diamonds are an everlasting natural resource that is unbreakable unless extreme conditions are applied to them. Heating above 1290 fahrenheit will result in the diamond burning up into flames. But I am sure nobody will be attempting this! Also Ultrasonic cleaning machines could damage the diamond, so they should be avoided at all costs.

Ways a diamond accumulates dirt

Diamonds may lose their sparkle depending on where they are worn and what elements or substances they are exposed to. These substances include oils and makeup, chlorine based detergents, and many more.

Oils could promote the attachment of dirt and dust which can form grease in the crevices of the diamond jewellery. This forms grease which could harden and become difficult to remove.

Also, depending on how you store your diamond jewellery will affect it. Diamonds rubbing against diamonds can cause some scratches or loss of sparkle. People who tend to leave their jewellery on throughout the day are at high risk of getting it dirty and making it lose that natural sparkle that people love so much.

Tips to keep dirt and damage away from your diamond

Diamonds are durable stones that can withstand mostly heavy all day wearing. However, this does not mean you should wear it all day and all night. There are certain times that diamond jewellery should be removed and kept away while doing some activities. This includes:

  • Gardening
  • Washing dishes
  • Putting on makeup
  • Using heavy machinery
  • Using small hand-held machines (food processor, mixing machine)
  • Bathing/showering
  • Washing with detergents (chlorine-based substances)
  • Exercising (specially at a gym)

It is highly likely that these activities could lead to depreciation of the appearance of your diamond jewellery. It may also cause a large amount of dirt and dust to surround your diamond and jewellery, this results in less sparkle. You can simply avoid this by storing it safely in a soft fabric pouch and putting it back on afterwards.

How to tell if your diamond jewellery needs cleaning?

Diamonds are the toughest substance on Earth and do not naturally come with the glowing sparkle they are naturally known for. They are mined as rough diamonds and then processed and polished. Polishing reveals the beautiful side of a diamond and this is where their value lies. This is why a polished diamond costs much more than an unpolished diamond of the same size.

When you buy a diamond or diamond jewellery, it is bound to have an exquisite sparkle and radiance caused by the reflection of light when looking at it in full sunlight. After continuous wearing, you will notice that the diamond will not have such a bright sparkle anymore. This is caused by wear and tear, the elements, and the handling of the diamond itself. All these factors can result in abrasions and scuffs on the surface of the diamond. Also, depending on your daily routine, dirt and grease could be added to the diamond or the surrounding metal components. Together with dirt, grease, and wearing will reduce the attractive element of any jewellery especially diamond jewellery.

How to clean your diamond

Cleaning your diamond jewellery does not always require a trained professional. Going to a diamond store may include a service charge, something that can be avoided by doing it yourself. A homemade solution is enough to effectively remove dirt and dust clusters. Apart from this other household products can be used to dislodge wedged dirt from hard to reach areas. After washing a suitable cloth must be used to dry the diamond jewellery.

Use safe diamond cleaning solutions

Any corrosive Chlorine-based cleaning substances should be avoided to reduce any chances of making abrasions on the surface of the diamond. Instead use a simple, home-made cleaning solution. This consists of warm water and a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid. Shake the solution to make it foam. This is effective yet not harmful at all to the diamond or the metal it is set inside.

Use a soft toothbrush

Some areas are difficult to reach with your fingers and will require a delicate yet efficient tool. You can find help in the form of a soft bristle toothbrush. It is gentle and versatile enough to provide complete cleaning suitable for diamond jewellery. The slender bristles reach between the diamond and the metal setting regardless of what design has been used. Necklaces, rings, and even loose diamonds can be cleaned using this multi-purpose tool.

Gentle fabric for drying diamonds

After washing, the diamond will appear much cleaner and will display a higher amount of sparkle. To finish off the cleaning process the jewellery must be wiped dry to avoid any rusting or discolouration of the metal. For this s smooth, non-abrasive material is required. A good suggestion is a microfiber cloth or cloth used to clean your glasses. Generally, a cloth that is wooly but solid composure is best for drying jewellery items.

Storing your diamond jewellery the right way

Jewellery only maintains itself if stored correctly. It should be stored away from other diamond jewellery as this could scratch it. All items containing metal should be stored away from water and moisture as this can cause corrosion of some metals. A soft pouch of hard case should be used to store diamond jewellery when not in use.

These tips should help you keep your diamonds or diamond jewellery clean and sparkling all-year round. The same rules apply for any type of jewellery; necklaces, rings, and earrings. Now maintaining your jewellery can be simple and free of cost! 


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