How to calculate the correct odds for a successful bet


Coefficient, quote, or odds – this is the probability of a particular outcome of the bookmaker event. This value can be used to determine what amount of winning will be in the case of a correct forecast. Most of the CIS bookmakers use European coefficients. Pari match, a popular bookmaker’s office, is no exception. The quote looks like a decimal fraction with two digits after the dot. It is believed that the lower the odds, the more likely the bet will be successful.

How to determine the winning amount by odds

The calculation of the winning amount by the odds depends on the type of bets:

  • Ordinary;
  • Express;
  • Asian handicap.

In a single event, it is easiest to calculate the odds of winnings. It is enough to multiply the bet amount by the coefficient. For example, a bettor wants to bet on the first team in a match between Liverpool and Chelsea. The bet amount is 200 rubles. The odds for winning Liverpool are 1.70. Multiplying two values, you get 340 rubles. If you subtract the bet amount, you get a net profit of 140 rubles. If Chelsea wins or there is a draw, the bettor will not win.

Express is a bet on 2 events or more at once. They are collected in a single coupon. The plus of the express is in large coefficients, and the minus is that if the forecast for at least one event turns out to be wrong, the bettor will not receive a win.

To find out the winning amount, you need to determine the final odds. Usually, it is automatically calculated by the bookmaker. If there is a need to do it yourself, you just need to multiply all the odds by each other. Then the bet amount is multiplied by the final odds.

Another popular bet type is the Asian Handicap. The coefficient is indicated by a decimal fraction with numbers 25 or 75 after the decimal point. For example, H1 (1.75), F2 (0.25), etc. For example, there is an opportunity to bet on Away (-1.25) in the match Liverpool – Chelsea with odds of 2.25. If the second team wins with a score of 2: 0 or more, and the bet amount is 2 thousand rubles, then the bettor gets 4.5 thousand rubles.

The calculation of the winning amount is also different for the “system” type of bet. They are different. For example, if the system is “3 out of 4”, you need to make 4 multi bets with 3 events in each. Let’s say the stake is 4,000, 1,000 for each coupon. The odds for each express are 1.50, 2.00, 2.25, and 2.50.

The winning will depend on which express is successful. It will be necessary to multiply 0.25 of the total bet amount by the odds of each correctly predicted coupon.

What other odds are there besides the European?

Some bookmakers use non-European odds. This is especially true for bettors who use foreign bookmakers. There are such alternative odds:

  • British;
  • American;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Indonesian.

In the imperial system, the coefficient is indicated as a regular fraction. For example, 5/10, 8/7, 9/15. The first part here means the number of winning units, and the second – the number of bet units. For example, the odds are 8/10. If the amount of the bet is equal to 100 rubles, in case of success the bettor will receive a profit of 80 rubles.

The American system is distinguished by the use of plus and minus values. For example, +130 and -230, +150 and -220. The minus number here means how many dollars you need to bet to make a profit of $ 100. A plus value indicates what the winning amount will be if a person bets $ 100.

The Indonesian principle is very similar to the American one. Minus and values ​​are also used, but the odds are indicated in the form of decimal fractions.

Useful Odds Tips

To learn how to work with odds, you need to remember these basic rules:

  • always monitor their values, quotes may change at any time due to disqualification, player injury, or any other event;
  • to independently assess the chances of each team or player, you need to learn how to convert the odds into percentages.

For example, Liverpool wins 3.05, Chelsea 2.00 and draw 4.50. To get the percentage probability of each outcome, you need to divide 100 by each odds. It turns out that the chance that Liverpool will win is 32.75%, Chelsea is 50%.

Often the odds for the same event differ in different bookmakers. The main reason for this is the difference in the bookmaker’s margin. This is the percentage of each bet that the office receives as an intermediary between the bettor and the event organizer.

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