How Does Artificial Intelligence Help in Boosting Productivity?

Artificial Intelligence Help in Boosting Productivity

With the on-going innovations in big data and cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence is making significant improvements in the efficiency of providing better performance. AI is a technology that enables organizations to streamline processes such as data analysis, recruiting of employees, and administration. It proves to be a valuable asset to companies when it comes to assistance. This quality of AI has encouraged companies in various industries to use it to increase their productivity.

Today, let’s see precisely how AI helps in boosting the productivity of any organization.

Ways AI Boosts Company’s Productivity Level

Predictive Maintenance

Nowadays, organizations have started realizing that it is worth investing in predictive maintenance solutions because it is a sure-fire way to improve operating efficiency. Predictive maintenance is something that makes use of sensors to track the conditions of equipment and analyze the data on an ongoing basis. This enables companies to service equipment when they need it instead of at scheduled service times.

Besides this, algorithms based on big data can be used to predict future equipment failures. According to the mobile app maintenance service providers, predictive maintenance is one of the best ways to boost productivity.

Accuracy in Demand Forecasting

AI and ML are two technologies that can help various systems to test hundreds of mathematical models of production and outcome possibilities. It can give precise information and analysis about every new task like new product introductions or sudden changes in the products’ supply & demand.

It is said that with the help of Machine Learning, there can be overall inventory reductions of 20% to 50%. Artificial Intelligence also provides efficiency in works.

For instance, any work conducted by a big giant mall employee in a month can be done by drones in 24 hours. This task can be anything from scanning items in the warehouse to checking & arranging the misplaced items.

Optimizes the Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing is a process that can be benefitted the most with the integration of AI. With AI-based systems, monitoring quantities used, cycle times, lead times, downtime, and errors to optimize production runs can become easier.

In manufacturing and deploying the product, AI can run in the background and suggest the operator’s answers. AI-based systems can use the operators’ final decisions to learn how the human mind performs.

Customized Manufacturing

In recent times, everyone wants personalized products. The growth in AI and software intelligence has taken personalization & customization into the next level. Companies can provide personalized products and services that are highly relevant to their clients.

It is stated that around 20% of consumers want to have personalized products or services even if they have to pay a 20% premium for it.

Besides this, companies like Accenture have also notified that about 83% of consumers in both the U.K. and the U.S. are willing to trust retailers with their data to receive tailored services.

Automated Procurement System

The last thing in the list of knowing how AI boosts a company’s productivity level is the procurement system’s automation. When the analytics is combined with ML, it can help record everything from the beginning stages of quoting to establishing the supply chain. It is predicted that AI ML are the technologies that can reduce the supply chain forecasting errors by 50% and reduce costs related to transport by 5% to 10% and warehousing by 25% to 40%.

To Wrap Up With

The advancement in technology has made many companies adopt Artificial Intelligence in their daily tasks. Organizations have started using AI to automate cognitive workflow. The best example of this is the cognitive automation company Coseer. This company uses AI to cut down on tedious work, which has helped them increase their productivity because their employees and programmers are working on tasks they enjoy.

This shows that the use of AI and AI-based applications is the best choice for increasing your company’s productivity. You can contact OpenXcell, the mobile app development company, to learn more about this topic and get an AI-based work system created for your firm.


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