Here’s How you can Bring that Corporate Video to Life

Corporate Video to Life

A Guide to Making an Attractive Corporate Video

Video marketing is taking the internet by storm. Content has been king, but video content is now taking its place. In the generation of millennials, attention spans have become smaller. You have 5-10 seconds until your audience switches to something else. So, if you want your corporate video to make the cut, it needs to speak the voice of your audience. Gone are the days when corporate videos were clips of team outings and people in suits conducting meetings strung together against a melodious background score. Now, your corporate video needs to be lively. The story of the company should actively attract and engage the person viewing it. But how do you add that extra zest of life to a cold corporate video? Here are some tips:

Understand Your Audience:

As much as we’d like to believe, one video is not going to suffice for your investors, your future employees or your customers. You will have to narrow down your audience and only cater to them through the video. Your video will only focus on the topics that your audiences will be interested to see. For example, if you’re targeting prospective employees, your video will portray a thriving and interactive work culture. For stakeholders, the video will focus on the growth aspects of your company. Your corporate video should be tailored to your audience.

Work on Your Story:

Everybody loves a story. So does your audience. Your video needs to have a narrative concept, which means that it needs to have a beginning, a middle and an end, at the least. It’s best if you use a single device to hang your narrative off, for example, an employee’s perspective. A string of mismatched clips will not offer you the engagement you want from the video. Explain the benefits that your company has to offer to the viewer through this narrative. Many corporate filmmakers in Delhi will collaborate with you to skillfully build a comprehensive concept for your video.

Keep it Simple:

The narrative of your corporate video should be simple. It should not have too many ideas, or else you will run the risk of confusing the viewers. Your video shouldn’t feel scripted or unnatural. Only keep what is essential in the video. Focus on one objective at a time. Keep your frame clean too. Don’t use too many visual effects or transitions. Over-beautifying your video might cause the audience to be distracted from the main motive of your video. Your aim is to appear sincere to your clients. Aim for quality instead of quantity.

Work on Your Sound:

Your corporate video should be complemented by a suitable background sound. The music helps in connecting with the audience emotionally. While your dialogues need to be clear, the background music will fill the awkward silences. So do not simply pick any instrumental music as a score. Keep it aligned with your script. If you’re aiming at making a fun video, your music needs to be peppy. If you want your video to portray grandeur, you will have to choose some theatrical music.

Focus on production elements:

Your video will be shot on a budget. Hence, you might not be able to reshoot scenes which are not satisfactoryInstead of going forward with an unsatisfactory video, ensure that your production elements are in order during your shoot. 


The location of your video should resonate with the feel of your video. If you want a freeing emotion to your video, shooting outdoors is a great idea. But there are a lot of things that you might not be able to control such as weather, outside elements, background noise, etc. Ensure that you think about all the possibilities before narrowing down your location.

Light and Sound:

If your video comprises of a lot of dialogues, they need to be crystal clear. You can even record them separately for a better sound. No one likes a video with low sound quality. So, pay attention to whether the dialogue delivery and the sound is satisfactory. Good lighting is essential to the video. If your video is captured in the dark, it might give an unwanted feel to the audience.

Wardrobe and Props: 

The wardrobe of your cast should be what you would wear to the office. If you are a start-up, let the models wear casual clothes. If you are a company of lawyers, suits will be appropriate. Props are important too. Ensure that the props needed, are available on schedule.

Try to lose your inhibitions when making a corporate video. Being different is what catches one’s eye. For example, you can use animation in your video. Stepping out of your comfort zone might offer you more returns than you expect.


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