Helpful Tips and Info on Renewing Your PA Turnpike EZ Pass and When You May Need It

Turnpike EZ Pass
Turnpike EZ Pass

Imagine you’re taking a short drive up the Pennsylvania turnpike for a night away from the city. It’s a weeknight and you’re getting away to New York to see your girlfriend or boyfriend for the evening. This scenario sounds all well and good, right? But accidentally, you exit through an EZ Pass lane. You didn’t renew your EZ pass in PA, or imagine worse — you don’t even have an EZ Pass. As you drive up the highway, your expired EZ pass records and racks up charges. Because you didn’t have a valid turnpike EZ pass, you were fined both ways you crossed the toll checkpoint: to Manhattan and the drive back the morning after. Unaware, you are distraught to find a ticket costing over a hundred dollars in the mail a few weeks later.

To avoid this unpleasant circumstance and other common issues with your EZ Pass, consider reaching out to a service that specializes in title and registration renewal. These companies can often help you directly. If they cannot, they will be able to point you to an agency which can help you with your particular problem. With a quick trip to an auto tag agency, you can save yourself from regretting your turnpike excursions. 

What is a Turnpike EZ Pass Violation in the State of Pennsylvania and How Much Will it Cost Me

Brushing up on the costs of violations may help clarify how much you currently owe, or how much you can avoid owing through renewal. As per current turnpike regulations, the PA Turnpike charges you for exiting through an EZPass lane without a valid EZPass transponder, when the license plate of your vehicle is not listed on an existing EZPass account, or when you have insufficient funds in your account to pay the toll. 

EZ Pass PA will often charge you around $25 plus tax for a first-time violation and $40 for a second-time violation, but these rates apply only to previous holders of EZ Pass devices. If you exit through an EZ Pass lane without a device, the PA turnpike will charge you $65.

Thankfully, if you are an existing EZ Pass customer and have received a violation, there are a number of solvable scenarios which you can address with a quick call to EZ Pass or the PA Turnpike. When EZ Pass charges an account, either the Transponder didn’t read and the vehicle’s license plate was not listed on an E-ZPass account, or the account was in “insufficient status.” In other words, if you haven’t paid off your account balances. Keep in mind you may Appeal your notice using section C on the violation notice you receive physically.

If you don’t have an EZ Pass PA account and accidentally exited through an EZ Pass lane, you may have a slightly bigger toll or a more difficult time pleading your case. In the case you do find yourself in this situation, keep your ticket and wait for your physical violation notice to come in the mail. The most direct, highest-percentage way to deal with your fine is to pay it to the PA Turnpike. 

If you are appealing independently, make sure to keep the toll ticket you took at the entry of the EZ Pass exit, the payment for the standard toll (in the form of a money order or cashier’s check, not cash) as well as a brief, substantive explanation on the back of the appeal. Once you collect these three items, you can mail them to the address provided on the violation.

How an Auto Tag Agency Can Help You With Your EZ Pass Violation

Let’s pose two scenarios. First, you have an EZ Pass violation you want to appeal. Second, you don’t yet have a violation but you want to give yourself peace of mind exiting the highways. In the first case, you may want a third party’s guidance in resolving the issue, a third party who is experienced in driving or turnpike-related violations. In the second case, perhaps you want to take care of all of your outstanding license, registration and EZ Pass PA renewals at a one-stop-shop.
In either case, consider the ways a Pennsylvania auto tag agency can help you. When you visit the websites of local auto tag and license renewal companies in PA, you’ll find that many of them also handle EZ Pass violations.


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