Four Best Sources for Cosplays!

Four Best Sources for Cosplays

Are you overwhelmed with a large number of new characters? At first, comic books and manga series got popular for cosplay inspirations, and then the adaptations followed! Ever since the success of Red Akira Jacket from the classic animation film, Akira, more characters have followed the lead of this young rebel. 

Get your fill of ideas from this thorough piece on the four best sources you can turn to when Halloween or a comic con is near!

Marvel Leading With Female Heroes 

If you are only following the films, you have no idea how much content this franchise has in comic books. Every character adaptation has multiple stories with rich backgrounds and extraordinary character development. The only reason MCU has been focusing on The Avengers for some time is, these characters deserve time in the limelight too!

Most of us are already overwhelmed and have trouble choosing the best one. It is probably for the best that these characters get their big introductions with their due time. The anticipation of a new Marvel series or movie is an entirely unreal experience. Recently, MCU made a big stir in the cinema with their first female-led superhero film, Captain Marvel. 

Captain Marvel is the strongest Avenger, and before this movie, all-female superheroes were deuterogamists, never the protagonist. The courage and bravery she shows to make her name in the superhero world are always remarkable. She has empathy for humans and her fellows as she has been in their shoes and compared to those who ride their high horses using the powers!

DC got the best Villains

If there is any doubt that DC Villains aren’t the best, you better re-watch the films. Every film has an iconic show of evil and sinister characters. No other franchise has killed this well on the screens with such stellar villains that the audience has a hard time liking the protagonists. From criminal mastermind Joker to Bane from the trilogy, everyone has shown brute force to bring chaos. 

The long list of names may help you decide who you want to portray this coming Halloween, but it will never sum up the greatness they have brought in the cinema. These films’ drastically varied film franchise makes sure they portray these characters in as much gore and filth as they are presented in the original DC comics. 

There is far more definition of this franchise than just a simple Joker fandom. The endlessly thrilling and fascinating villains are what keeps this franchise’s movies alive! The big screens are booked months before any of the DC adaptation is released! 

Anime and Manga!

There was a very long period when anime was restricted to Japan only. The incredibly brilliant hand drawn drawing deserved to be shown in the world, and this is precisely what Akira, the classic animated film did! The film circles around a Neo-Tokyo where the government performs experiments of mutation on young children. 

The protagonist of the film, Shotaro Kaneda, is a brave young boy who fights without fear! You can expect him to help anyone who needs his help. Although a bit reckless, he is often caught in the middle of the fire because of his impulsive decisions. Kaneda’s best friend gets the mutation and is breaking chaos around him. Even though it wasn’t Kanedas’s fault, but he tirelessly stops his friend from causing anyone any harm and takes complete responsibility. 

He is a young hero for all his friends since he had no family. The Akira Leather Jacket and a high tech motorcycle are his signature possessions often used when people create his cosplay. Without his famous red jacket, no comic con is ever complete!

Horror Films – Halloween Constant

Films like Hocus Pocus, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Scream must watch on your weekly fright nights. But is that all these movies are for? Absolutely not! Get your cosplay inspiration from these sinister films that have inspired thousands to come out as the most gruesome characters ever! 

Something fun and exciting because not everyone can dress up as a serial killer and pull off the brooding look (thank God!). The gore and dirt of these evil characters are what make them the perfect subject for a Halloween show. You can win costume contests with simple attire if you are paying keen attention to these movies. Many have characters re-created only with the help of a mask, which is pretty easy, considering that you save up from the makeup and other props. 

This guide was to prepare you for the upcoming hauls for Halloween Costumes 2020. Take notes already because time is running out, and before you blink, there will be pumpkin spiced lattes and fall leaves all around you!


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