Do You Know Why It Would Be A Wise Decision to Invest in Walnut Cabinets?

walnut kitchen cabinets

Walnut is an elegant and classy wood. The wood is mostly used for custom woodworks, carving projects, and making cabinets. The rich dark color and medium hardness make the wood ideal for standard regular use. On the other hand, its grain patterns and deep swirls make it charming. If you like the wood, you can choose the same for making the cabinets in the kitchen.

Why is it wise to invest in walnut cabinets?

Apart from the aforesaid reasons, there are many more that make it wise to invest in exotic walnut kitchen cabinets. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Incomparable quality of the timber – The wood is highly appreciated and prized for being a true dark-colored heartwood. Walnut is strong and heavy. At the same time, it can be easily split and thus worked. The wood has been used for furniture, gunstocks, cabinets, flowing, and various types of woodworking products for ages. The stability, strength, and beauty of walnut make it perfect for kitchen cabinets. It is also a preferred choice for flooring.
  • Mellow and warm – Cabinets made of walnut wood feature a smooth and fine finish. The color of the wood ranges from light grayish brown to dark chocolate. Light brown or light-yellow sapwood areas are also present. The timber is warm rich and accepts the best finishes. Walnut products mellow as they age. It also lightens in color over years. And that gives your kitchen a beautiful and enticing look. The cabinets made from walnut wood are aesthetically appealing. You may choose white shaker cabinets for the same reason.
  • Strong and durable – Walnut wood is durable and dense. Though not the hardest one, it is hard enough to withstand regular use. Besides, it can avoid common issues like dents unlike softwoods like pine. Walnut is water-resistant to a great extent. So, you can easily wipe your cabinetry with water without any tension of impurities or water damages. This way you can keep the unit in a good shape for years.

How would you buy walnut cabinetry?

When it comes to buying modern walnut cabinets, it is vital to know whether you’re receiving solid walnut wood or a veneer. Whether you buy a piece of furniture from a big company or get it made by a custom cabinet maker, make sure you get original wood. You should ask questions beforehand about the cabinetry you’re planning to buy.

How would you take care of walnut cabinets?

It is not difficult to keep the walnut furniture in good shape even for years. All you need to dust it regularly with a dry cotton or lint rag without any cleaner. Just wipe it across the wood surface to remove the dust coating. If you’re not satisfied with this, add just a bit of mild liquid detergent to the water to make a solution. And use this to get rid of unwanted stains. Don’t worry about the waxing. You don’t need to take any special care of the furniture or use any special cleaning product. This will rather damage the original sheen and color of the wood over time.

As it comes to buying kitchen cabinets, you may consider walnut wood for several reasons. The wood is great in terms of color, look, sheen, durability, and strength.


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