Debt Consolidation: A Really Smart Financial Move!

Debt Consolidation

In today’s world, when it’s super hard to control our spending habits. It’s prevalent to have multiple loans. However, if you don’t manage your debts properly, they can cause serious issues. Missed or late payments can adversely affect your credit ranking, you might end up paying much more than you had initially planned. If you are overwhelmed by many debts at high-interest rates, debt consolidation can be a brilliant way to get your financials back under control and move out of this stress.

Debt consolidation is taking a single, sizable loan and using that to pay off your other debts. We will discuss things to consider before choosing a secured debt consolidation loan and how it can be a remarkably good financial strategy.

How substantial and sufficient is your equity?

Experts will always recommend going for secured consolidated debt loans. Personal unsecured loans defeat the purpose of debt consolidation as they are similar to other debts you may have. i.e., they will have a much high-interest rate than a secured loan against equity on your home. A credit check will also be needed. If you already have a strong credit rating and financial stability, you probably don’t need debt consolidation. The very first thing to consider is to weigh your equity. 

If you are a homeowner and looking for debt consolidation, your home’s equity becomes your credit line when you use a secured loan. Moreover, with low enough interest rates, using your investment as a financing tool makes borrowing more cost-effective. The money from a secured loan ends up saving you in the long run by reducing interest rates so that you pay less over the life of the financing. It is just that simple.

Importance of debt payoff time?

Getting a lower interest rate by debt consolidation is excellent. But there is one more important consideration: the amount of time it will take to pay off the debt. Financial Consultants recommend debt consolidation if the amount of time is reasonable; let’s say less than five years. However, if you end up stretching the consolidation loan to a more extended period, anything over ten years. You will end up paying much more.

Every financial situation occurs due to different circumstances; hence any recommendation cannot be final. Does stretching debt payoff time a strict ‘No”? Not exactly. If you are in a real financial mess and the only way to come out of it is to reduce your monthly payment. Going for long-term consolidated loans is a wise thing to do, instead of not making payments and facing bankruptcy. Debt consolidation in such a case can positively affect your credit ranking and financial profile.

Are your debts taking a toll on your mental health?

Nothing is more important than your overall well-being. There are many studies done that conclude that financial insecurity and worries lead to poor mental well-being. Debts tend to cause anxiety, fear, and at times even mental depression. If you feel that you are losing your peace of mind due to your financial commitments, debt consolidation can be a real-life saver. Instead of worrying about multiple payments, getting stuck in the vicious cycle of late payments, and missing critical professional deadlines. You need to take care of one payment, most likely at a much lesser rate of interest. You might be paying currently.

The fact that you don’t need to take care of multiple due dates and payments will make you feel ‘more in control’ and help you regain your composure. Remember that when you have a bright and positive outlook, you are bound to bounce back financially.

Are you ready to control your spending?

Lastly, it would help if you considered that you could control your spending. There is a saying ‘if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same result’ Simple enough, right? If your spending habits remain the same, as they were before you got pushed into financial crisis. You cannot move out of financial trouble. It will be the other way around. If you fall into this category, it’s better to consult a financial expert before adopting debt consolidation.

In Conclusion

Remember, as kids, our elders taught us to break severe problems into smaller chunks and then deal with them one by one. Debt consolidation is a reverse problem-solving strategy for adults where you combine all minor issues (debts) and focus on one (consolidated debt).

After considering all pros and cons, if you chose a secure debt consolidation loan carefully, there are some real benefits of debt consolidation. It can help you reduce your repayments, improve your budget, positively affect your credit ranking, and help you regain your lost mental health and life. 


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