Best water purifier under 10,000

Best water purifier under 10,000

Before jumping into the specific review lets find out the value of water for our body.

Water is needed by all human beings and is essential for the survival of the proper functioning of our body. Dehydration can lead to failure of organs, hallucinations, and severe fatal private malfunction and illness. Water is needed by our whole body, it is like fuel to bicycle, without water our body goes idle. As we learn and see the capacity of water is in wealth but the condition is in sparse, this makes the benefit of water purifier indispensable.

Water purifiers help in erase the bacteria and microorganisms along with some dissolved chemicals and impurities. Water purifiers with the RO membrane are also good sufficient to convert the hard water into soft water for drinking. Our tap water constantly isn’t that purified, so to be twice sure it is highly advisable to have a purifier in the home for the sake of the safety of your family from infection.

Below is the list of Best Water Purifier Under 10,000

List of water purifiers under 10,000

Aqua guard Delight RO+UV+MTDS water purifier

Aqua-guard Delight Detail multi-stage purification which provides 100% clean tasty and safe drinking water. It is a combination of the best water purification technologies like RO+UV+MTDS. With the cutback of up to 90% TDS, this water purifier can treat water with a big TDS level of up to 2000 PPM. Talking about the water purification technology, this purifier comes supplied with the sediment filter. RO membrane, UV disinfection Chamber, Post Carbon Filter, and Chemi block.

•    Key features

RO+UV water purification with the TDS controller to fix the taste and TDS level of the purified water.

Good for purification of municipal/tap water or ground/borewell with the TDS level from 200 to 2000 PPM.

7L semi-transparent capacity tank

The LED symbol for power on, water purification process on/off, a container full

•    Positive

Attractive design and comparative

Compact design and clean

Cheap price

TDS monitor

7L tank storage 

•    Negative

Indicator/no alert for filter change

Power connection is given outside the water purifier body

The kind of the distribute tap could have been correct.

Blue star aristo RO+UV+UF water purifier

As the name suggests this water purifier details an extra purification stage, in the design of the UV membrane, to keep you with full data purification. It is widely noted that, in the UV water purification stage, all the micro-organisms like viruses, cysts, and bacteria are killed and deactivated. But these inactive and dead micro-organisms remain in the water purified. This does not pose any risk to your health but wouldn’t it be great it be strong if the dead bodies were also cleanout.

If you think the answer to the raised question is a yes then you use the blue star aristo RO+UV+UF. The UF membrane at the edge of the water purification cycle is used to hit the exact purpose of filtering out the dead bodies’ micro-organisms. 

This Water Purifier comes under the Best Water Purifier Under 10,000

·       Key features

7 stages with 100% UV and RO purification

Tank capacity 7L

Water purification space of up to 12L/Hr

Signal for UV failure and low water pressure

Purification on and container full indicators

·       Positives

7-point purification with RO+UV+UF

Sufficient for water from all sources

Control the alkalinity and Ph level and correct the taste of water

Child-lock function on tap lower wastage of water

·       Negatives

No alarm for filter change

Faber Galaxy Plus RO+UV+UF+MAT water purifier

The 8-point of water purification are-RO membrane, sediment filter, post-carbon Filter/MAT filter, external sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, UV filter and UF Membrane. Faber galaxy water purifier comes with a free external sediment filter also noted as an external pre-filter. This mode an extra saving of about RS 500-700. Most of the residential RO purifier is only correct for water with the TDS level up to 2000 PPM. The RO membrane gives it the power to purify with a high TDS level up to 2500 PPM.

·       Key features

8-point purification with RO+UF+UV +MAT

9L storage container with germ block automation

Comes with a complimentary external sediment filter

Mineral addition technology adds back condition minerals

·       Positives

9L capacity tank

Adds back fundamental minerals

Long capacity RO membrane for TDS matched up to 2500 PPM

Purification quantity of up to 13.5l/hr

·       Negatives

No alarm/indicators for filter change

No colour choice apart from black

Faber Galaxy RO+UF+MAT Mineral water purifier

Faber freshly introduced its dimension of water purifier in the Indian market. But it looks they have done a lot of groundwork on what the Indian customers are actually looking for. Faber galaxy features actually the same features and design as Faber galaxy plus.

Difference between Faber galaxy plus and Faber galaxy is an extra point of water purification.

·       Key features

7-point water purification RO+UF+MAT

9L capacity tank with germs block automation

Comes with a complimentary external sediment filter

Mineral addition complimentary adds back essential minerals

·       Positives

Free external sediment

7-point water purification with RO+UF+MAT

Huge capacity RO membrane

9L capacity tank

Water purification capacity up to 13.5L/hr

·       Negatives

No alarm/indicator for filter change

No UV water purification, not so effective against the disease

 Kent ultra-storage UF+UV water purifier

Kent ultra-water purifier is perfection water purifier for below TDS water source like municipal/tap water. Kent ultra-water purifier does not use any RO purification. It is most good for homes where the TDS level of the incoming water is low 300 PPM and if the water does not involve any strong metals like arsenic, mercury and lead.

·       Key features

Water purified capacity 8L

UV fail alert – built alert that goes on when the UV lamps stop functioning

Kent ultra comes with a water level matched indicator in the tank.

·       Positives

UV fails alert

No misuse of water

Below maintained cost

Purification capacity 60L/hr

·       Negatives

No symbol for power on/off, purification process on/off, or tank full etc

Not good for borewell water or water with huge TDS

If you think we miss any of the purifer, You can check the full list of Best Water Purifier Under 10,000


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