Announcing Flutter 1.22 with an amazing iOS 14, 3111, and Google Maps Support


The latest version of flutter has been released with extensive iOS 14, Android 11, and Google Maps Support. The newer version flutter 1.22 enables developers to build faster user experiences that are compatible across multiple platforms using a single codebase. This release ensures multiple bug fixes, helps to improve the overall performance standards and is also suitable for broad production use.

Also, this release makes sure that IOS 14 and Android 11 works great with Flutter 1.22. Extensive testing has been made before this announcement. Other than these features, the latest version can support Google Maps or XCode 12 as well.

Flutter 1.22 Features at a Glance

For IOS 14, it supports clip arts, new icons; preview features too. When it comes to Android 11, it supports new types of display cut-outs and smoother animations when bringing up the soft keyboard.

This release has been announced after Flutter 1.20 in a short period of 3-4 months still the team has fixed almost 3K+ issues and merged 2K PRs from 200 contributors. Out of them, the null-safety feature is also there to support null variables at the run time without any error.

Other than OS support, it supports Google Maps and localization buttons with high-frequency displays. It can also support multiple tools or plug-ins that are needed to develop a Flutter app.

What’s new with Flutter app development services 1.22 for IOS 14?

Every time a new version of IOS is released, flutter has to be fixed based on the latest release.

  • For OS 14 too, certain changes were made to make it compatible together. Now, it can work the same way as developers want.
  • If you are targeting IOS 14 for your new app, then you must install Flutter 1.22 first and make sure that users are getting the best experience as per their expectations.
  • Two features to try in the latest version are SF symbols font and App clips. There is a lightweight version of the app that can also be created using flutter 1.22.

What’s new with Flutter app development services 1.22 for Android 11?

The engine of the framework and certain other features have been updated in the flutter to make it compatible with Android 11. Two main features to consider here are exposing the safe insets of Android notches, cut-outs, and edges of waterfall displays. These features make sure that you can put interactive elements and active UI in the non-obstructed regions of the device display.

Further, it is possible to protect gesture detectors in waterfall edge areas that may be prone to accidental touches. Also, animations are synchronized with Android 11 with the help of a soft keyboard touch.

Final Words:

The latest Flutter 1.22 version features cannot be ignored by developers and businesses. Additionally, there is so much good stuff to focus on when all of the features are implemented well, and hire Flutter developers to take full advantage of the latest version. Great team of experts can build more amazing apps with these updates and we cannot wait  anymore to see you in the store.


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