Interview with a Lifestyle influencer, a wife, and her perspectives.

lifestyle influencer
an interview with @awifesperspective

Today we know the influencer’s of lifestyle, food, traveling, technology and many others are working hard to share their thoughts and ideas about the product they have used and how helpful they are for other audiences.
I had an interview with Nikita Agarwal, the lifestyle influencer having more than 10K followers and 500+ interesting content. She had shared a lot about the different products and really she had applied it first on herself, which you can check out on her Instagram page.

I am following Nikita since 2018 and had found her profile very helpful in many manners.

So, here we start our discussion with her

Who is Nikita Agarwal? (for her followers)
A wife who shares her perspective.

What influences you to be an influencer?
I have a lot of things to share with people.
An influencer is the best way for the same

For which products or services you love to share your ideas or thoughts with your followers?
Beauty, Makeup, and Lifestyle-related products.

Have you ever accept any paid sponsorship for the promotion of any product?
Yes, I do!!!

What makes you happy, your follower’s reactions to your post, or the purchase of the product you shared with your followers?
My follower’s reaction is the most important thing for me.

Any biggest failure you ever faced as an influencer?
Creating good content and reaching those content to the relevant audiences.

Are you an Amazon Influencer too? (If yes, please share Your Amazon profile)
Yes, I am.

Your words for the readers?
Please check my profile –
My aim is to entertain my audience in terms of the perspective of a wife.

Other interesting pages by Nikita Agarwal –
For the recipe, you can check @howasthefood

If you are also looking for some lifestyle tips and a perspective of a wife, you must follow her on Instagram and ask your questions. Or if you are also want to be an influencer like her, ask her the tips.


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