A Guide To Hair Transplant And Its Major Benefits

Hair Transplant

A hair transplant procedure has been a popular medical method of reviving hair to an area of your head that may be thinning or balding. It is done by the way of taking hair from thicker parts of the scalp, or any other body parts for that matter, and grafting it to the section of the head that is either thinning or balding.

Hair transplant is often looked down upon, nobody knows for what reasons. It is a healthy restoration method for your hair which in turn gives you a good look and great confidence in the way you carry yourself. A hair loss treatment has become a really common thing these days and that has resulted in several hair transplant clinics around us. Hair loss treatments might provie to be a bit costly, but you get to see definite results when you trust a certified and licensed hair transplant surgeon.

This guide is going to help you understand a little bit about hair transplants and their benefits.

While talking about hair transplants, people often think of the method as the revival of the hair on the scalp, but instead, the hair follicles from other body parts that have healthy hair are taken and planted in the scalp. The body part from where the follicles are taken is called donor sites, while the body part that receives these follicles is called the recipient site. Only the hair follicles that are resistant to balding can be sued for this particular surgery.

Types of Hair Transplantation

1. Follicular Unit Strip Method:

This method is usually preferred for patients that have either more than average or an extreme case of balding. In this method, the hair follicles from the donor sites are taken one at a time and then planted to the recipient site. Follicular Unit Strip Method is known to be one of the most popular methods of hair loss treatments.

2. Follicular Unit Extraction Method:

This is another popular and equally advanced method for hair loss treatment or hair transplant surgery. In this method, the mechanism of the natural process of hair growth is followed. This method requires the surgeon to take a hair follicle from the back of the scalp and transplant in a group of ¼. This is very much similar to how normal hair growth takes place. This method, unlike the other methods, does not require any major cuts or scarring and also recovers faster than usual.

3. Scalp Reduction:

This is one of the riskiest methods of hair transplant and is probably only used in extreme cases. This method requires the removal of the entire scalp and replaces it with a new scalp with healthier and richer hair follicles. The risk in this method is that after some time, you might experience tightening of the scalp and this might case hair thinning in a few year’s time. In addition to that, scalp reduction is also one of the costliest hair loss treatments. I’m sure if you go to a hair transplant clinic, you will probably be asked to not turn towards this method, if possible.

Both Follicular Unit Strip Method and Follicular Unit Extraction Method will take anywhere between several hours to several days to complete. This also depends on the amount of work that is performed by the surgeon. You can be relieved to go home on the same day of the procedure.

Recovery after the surgery

After the surgery, the bandages are removed carefully and any area that may be swollen might be injected with triamcinolone just to keep the swelling down in those areas. You are likely to feel some kind of pain or soreness in both the transplant site and the donor site from where the follicles are taken. So for the next few days, you may be prescribed pain medications, antibiotics to avoid infections, anti-inflammatories, and other medications to stimulate hair growth.

Cost of Hair Transplant

The hair transplant cost can vary from surgeon to surgeon. Very well-known and experienced surgeons will definitely charge more. The overall hair transplant cost includes many things right from the surgery cost to the medications etc. It is best you get in touch with a surgeon offering a hair transplant in Ahmedabad to know more about the costs.

Health insurance won’t be of any use as hair loss treatments are considering to be cosmetic treatments. Beauty salons also offer hair restoration methods, which will definitely be cheaper than the surgery, but there is no guarantee as to what results in you can expect out of it.


Hair transplant clinics have become common place now with many people suffering from hair loss and looking for good treatments. This has given us some really good cosmetic surgeons and hair transplant clinics around us. If you look around, in your city or your locality, you will easily find good surgeons offering hair transplant in Ahmedabad and other cosmetic surgery in Ahmedabad, which also happen to include hair loss treatment. Many beauty salon in Ahmedabad also offer hair loss treatments, but we are not sure as to how effective those solutions are. But if a certified and experienced surgeon offers a hair transplant in Ahmedabad, you can give it a shot.

Make sure you ask around and only trust a licensed and certified surgeon who has got enough experience in providing hair loss treatments. You can talk to a surgeon offering cosmetic surgery in Ahmedabad or get in touch with a hair transplant clinic and meet the surgeons there to see which method is more suitable in your case. Hair transplant in Ahmedabad is quite easy to do these days, you wouldn’t have a problem finding a good surgeon. You will also get the exact estimate for a hair transplant cost from the doctors at the hair transplant clinic. Consulting with a surgeon will help you in knowing if you are eligible for hair loss treatment and if so, which method is more suitable in your case. Each person has a different kinds of hair and this requires unique solutions.


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