A 22 Years Influencers of the Digital World

Ankit Kumawat a young influencer

Today, we all are very cure of searching anything on search engines, but do you know how it is possible to get all searches easily on website what we are looking for? This is possible through the team of digital marketing. Everything is getting digitalized and we are also the part of this digital world.

I have a small interview with one of the young Digital Marketing, Mobile Phones and many more digital world influencer Mr. Ankit Kumawat and he shared his ideas about how he became an influencer, what makes him eager to invest his knowledge in digital marketing, what influences him to share his ideas about latest mobiles, best social media platforms to sell, and many more interesting facts.

Let’s start our questionnaire with a young influencer.

Who is Ankit Kumawat? (For his followers)

I am a 22-year-old guy from India, the originator of Samgalaxybeta, currently continuing in Jaipur. I am a certified digital marketer and web developer. My madness for smartphones, laptops, and gaming encourages me to design a platform named Samgalaxybeta where I can create content for all the latest technology which is arrived in the industry. I started my start-up in 2017 with an intention to provide digital solutions to people and help them to know more about technologies.

What influences you to be an influencer? (Any book or any individual)

Basically, I am a tech Savvy and began an Instagram handle for tech lovers like me. Ultimately, in just a couple of months, I started noticing good engagement on my Instagram. This is the major turning point to become an influencer and then things made me more focused to my passion, and I thought of exploring it on a greater scale. For the next few months, I spent my time in R&D and thinking more about what can I do to expand my knowledge among people. When I realized that I could generate engaging content, be it a video or a blog. At that time, I just thought to become an influencer.

For which products or services you love to share your ideas or thoughts with your followers?

As you all know that I’m very affectionate with technology, that’s why I love to share my thoughts and knowledge about the latest trends in phones in the market. I think a user can make a notified judgment in the matter of buying any tech devices. For a better understanding of my followers, it is my duty to share my knowledge with tons of in-depth guides, explainers, how-to’s, customer tech topics, and more to my followers or any other individual.

Have you ever accept any paid sponsorship for the promotion of any product?

Yes, we accept paid Sponsorship. I already work with Rhinoshield, Aaraee, Michael Louis, and more, and my experience with these brands is superbly amazing. I really like to promote someone’s brand which will be beneficial for both me and the product owner. And I also accept the sponsorship for the paid promotion on an hourly basis.

What makes you happy, your follower’s reactions to your post, or purchase of the product you shared with your followers?

Content always makes me Happy and my followers always love my content, because what I share they prepared to buy as whatever we
share that’s genuine. On the whole, for me, my follower’s reaction is more valuable. I mean, I’m doing this because of my followers so that they can get information, and keeping this in mind I always appreciate my follower’s reviews so that I can understand their needs and wants and works according to it.

Any biggest failure you ever faced as an influencer?

Yes, I faced the biggest failure as an influencer. I really don’t mind telling you all this that once I fail in Content because I just get wrong leaks from someone else without their permission I just post. With this activity, the owner of Leak reports me on Instagram. And after this, I lose My Instagram account.

Are you an Amazon Influencer too? (If yes, please share Your Amazon profile)

Yes, I was also an Amazon Influencer but when I lose my Instagram account I also lose the Amazon influencer program. Because of this, I have to stop my Amazon influencer program.

Your words for the readers?

For my readers, I want to say two things, one is that do what you have to do but apart from thinking do today and do in Consistency as an influencer, Blogger, etc. I also lose a lot of things It doesn’t mean I stop my practicing. And now I came up with a new Company i.e, Digi Buzzer, and struggling there. By the mistakes I make from the last 4 years, I learn a lot from them and now I will improve them and again developed a good community.

And another thing is that your love and support always encourage me to do something better in my professional life. You all are the pillars by which I can get encouragement to do my work in a more efficient way. It’s my main aim to fulfill your expectations which you have from me. Always keep supporting me!

Your social media pages and website?

Media links of Samgalaxybeta:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samgalaxybeta
Twitter: https://twitter.com/samgalaxybeta
Instagram: http://galaxybeta.com/samgalaxybeta%20
Youtube: http://galaxybeta.com/samgalaxybeta

Website – www.galaxybeta.com


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