5 Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

5 Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

How will you define Augmented Reality? In order to give a real-world experience to the users, we use a technology known as Augmented Reality. Here a 3D experience is given to the users. If you are going to purchase a furniture item then how will you decide that in the living area of your home an ottoman will look good or not and in the study room a table will look perfect or not. By having experience in AR, you can easily decide whether the required furniture items will fit in the corresponding locations or not. Here are the 5 Augmented Reality apps for Android and iOS in 2021.

1. ROAR –

By using the ROAR app the content can be created for the purpose of sharing with others. Here it is possible to create content that includes video, audio, or 3D items by providing special features to your camera.

Its features

  • For providing a wonderful experience it has a very good feature of scene tracking.
  • By using it the AR content can be created very easily.
  • By using it, content of diverse types can be seen by the users.

2. Amikasa –

Interior designers and contractors can get a lot of help from this app. Just like the experts, making floor plans by measuring the areas becomes easy for these people with the use of apps. Because of all this, Amikasa is a very popular AR app. 

Its features

  • It is possible to provide questionnaires that are customized by conducting surveys with the help of this app.
  • For the distances, surfaces and surroundings, this app helps in providing statistics in an automatic manner.
  • By using it, adding related notes and photos becomes easy for you.
  • For creating floor plans, even the camera can be used by the users here.

3. Google Lens –

By using this app, whatever is seen by your camera can be easily searched by you. Earlier you were required to enter the text in Google for the purpose of searching for something. But in Google Lens, the object needs to be captured just by opening the app and then everything will go automatically. Results of the top-level will be shown by the search engine.

Its features

  • Performing operations is very easy.
  • It helps in searching archives in a detailed manner.
  • Searching the image is very easy here.

4. IKEA Place –

If at your home you want to host an event or an occasion and for that purpose, you take interest in decorating, building and redesigning your home then you can use the IKEA Place app so that you can get help to design and improve your home. If you want to design the home then you can select from a number of styles available in this app and their count is 20 million-plus.

Its features

  • By using this app, it becomes possible that for the interiors, the furniture and products can be searched with great ease.
  • This app gives you a choice that when you want to complete the project of your home then you can go for hiring professionals.
  • For the purpose of designing a home, you can use this app so as to connect to a large number of professionals and these professionals can be 2.5 million.
  • The photos can be directly drawn by using the Sketch feature of this app.

5. Wanna Kicks –

This app allows you to use the screen of your mobile where you will feel that you are using the 3D surroundings so that the doodles based on Augmented Reality can be drawn with great ease. For augmenting the pictures, you have to draw a line on the screen by holding your finger on it.

Its features

  • With this app drawing and recording the doodles becomes easy for the users.
  • Any device that uses AR can access this app.
  • With this app your friends can see the doodle videos that can be easily created and shared by you.
  • This app allows you to use AR for the purpose of creating drawings that are simple.

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