15 Best Things to Do in Highland Acres

Highland Acres

Good country Acres is a modest community just a couple of moments from Dover in Kent County, Delaware. With a populace of 4,000 individuals, the town has a provincial vibe, however, the way that its aspect of the more prominent Dover Metropolitan Area implies that the administrations and attractions of a greater focus are just a couple of moments away. Delaware Bay is just a couple of miles away, so implies that the sandy seashores of the Atlantic Coast are effectively available from Highland Acres. Various attractions and administrations are accessible in the close by towns of Denton, Bridgeton, Georgetown, and Salem, while the capital city of Washington, DC, and it’s a-list attractions are 134 miles away. Visit Highland acres with spirit airlines tickets and make your journey more awesome.

1. Fulfill your hankering for sushi and Thai cooking at Chaiyo 

On the off chance that you have a preference for Asian cooking, Chaiyo in Dover serves sushi and a variety of Thai dishes in an intriguing and laid-back environment. An assortment of tidbits, soups, plates of mixed greens, and principle courses are served by neighborly staff, who make a special effort to cause you to feel comfortable. Cushion Thai, Thai zesty basil, teriyaki, firm basil duck, and garlic shrimp are a portion of the alternatives you will discover on their broad menu. 

2. Submerge yourself in compelling artwork at the Biggs Museum of American Art 

The close-by city of Dover is home to the Biggs Museum of American Art, which highlights numerous works of art by American craftsmen. As you peruse the gallery and its various shows, you will see a scope of styles and sorts reflecting periods going back to the eighteenth century. Each piece has its own story that permits guests of any age to find out about craftsmanship and how it molded American culture. 

3. Kick back in Tidbury Creek County Park 

Travel can be debilitating, and the ideal method to loosen up and set yourself up for the days ahead is with a reviving and loosening up visit to a recreation center. Tidbury Creek County Park and its true, regular environmental factors permit guests to just kick back and loosen up. On location, there are outdoor tables, flame broils, and a kids’ play area. There’s likewise a half-mile climbing trail that snakes around the lake. In the event that you are going with a canine, this park is canine amicable, with two fenced-in regions for released play. 

4. Spend a stormy family day at Shell We Bounce Trampoline Park 

On days when it’s excessively stormy or cold to invest energy investigating outside, guests of everything ages can appreciate some energizing and solid amusement at the Shell We Bounce Trampoline Park in Lewes. The offices and administrations accessible at this family amusement focus are appropriate for all ages. Other than an assortment of trampolines, an arcade, a play area, a wilderness exercise center, and a froth pit are accessible. Grown-ups can partake in wellness classes. A bistro serving drinks, tidbits, and quick bites is likewise on location. 

5. Get a history exercise at the Delaware Agricultural Museum 

Kent County is known for its horticultural history, and the Delaware Agricultural Museum in Dover is the place you can become familiar with about this history and the effect it has had on the nearby culture. A portion of the things displayed in the shows at this exhibition hall incorporates ancient rarities, photographs, archives, and agrarian related hardware, for example, work vehicles and conventional cultivating gear. You’ll additionally find out about the railroad and the job it played in the business. There is a town portraying country life in the last part of the 1800s. This is the place you can see an old outbuilding, windmill, general store, farmhouse, school building, train station, church, barbershop, and smithy shop. 

6. Investigate Brecknock County Park 

One of the most mainstream parks close to Highland Acres is Brecknock County Park in close by Camden. The greatest attraction to the recreation center, especially for youngsters, is likely the extraordinary play area named Piccadilly Castle. Numerous other recreational offices are accessible in this 86-sections of the land of green space, including nature trails and excursion structures. 

7. Visit the Air Mobility Command Museum 

A famous fascination in a renovated WWII airplane shed in Dover is the Air Mobility Command Museum. This is the place you can feel overwhelmed among notable American military airplanes and value the work that goes into growing such exceptional accomplishments. The assortment grandstands an assortment of aircraft, freight planes, big haulers, and warriors, including the A-26C, C-5A Galaxy, and Air Force Two VC-9C. 

8. Endeavor to win large at the Dover Downs Casino 

You won’t win except if you play. At the Dover Downs Casino, there are positively a lot of chances to attempt. 2,000 300 gambling machines and 41 table games make for an energizing night out, and you could very well leave with some additional money or prizes. There’s no compelling reason to go a long way from your triumphant endeavors when appetite strikes, in light of the fact that many eating and eating alternatives are accessible on location. 

9. Invest some energy in nature at Wyoming Park 

Regardless of whether you appreciate fishing, volleyball, badminton, horseshoes, or essentially unwinding in regular environmental factors, there is something for everybody at Wyoming Park in the close by town of Wyoming. This park is open lasting throughout the year and is arranged close to a lake that is famous with fishermen. Civilities incorporate occasional restrooms, a structure, a play area, outdoor tables, flame broils, and a huge field for brandishing exercises. 

10. Visit the John Dickinson Plantation 

The noteworthy John Dickinson Plantation in Dover was before the home of John Dickinson, who was one of the establishing fathers of the United States. Guests can meander the grounds all alone or take a guided visit with costumed local area experts. During a visit through the property, you will likewise get the opportunity to see within the impressive Poplar Hall, where you will see various displays and exhibitions and experience what life probably been similar to in post-Revolution times. 

11. Appreciate handcrafted Italian strengths at Pizzadili 

For quality Italian passage and store top picks, guests and local people the same head to Pizzadili in Dover. For ages, the benevolent group at this diner has been serving quality, custom made dinners in an agreeable, family-accommodating climate. On the broad menu, you can hope to discover an assortment of pizzas, subs, plates of mixed greens, sandwiches, flame-broiled choices, Italian fortes, and primary courses, for example, the fish combo and steak. Flavorful sweet treats are filled in also. 

12. Visit the extraordinary and homegrown Animals at 3 Palms Zoo 

3 Palms Zoo isn’t your customary zoo. It’s the province of Delaware’s just salvage zoo committed to sparing wiped out and harmed creatures who might not have the option to make due all alone in nature. 

During a visit, you will get a back story on every creature and why they came to live at the zoo. The creatures, which incorporate owls, skunks, foxes, groundhogs, turtles, and an Alligator named Tic Toc, are housed in zones that areas near their regular natural surroundings as could be expected under the circumstances. 

An assortment of colorful winged creatures can likewise be spotted around the zoo, and you have the chance to take care of and pet the occupant homegrown creatures, including llamas and sheep. 

13. Visit the Old State House 

Worked in the last part of the 1700s, what is at present The Old State House Museum in Dover was before the Capitol Building. This great structure is available to guests who wish to visit the lovely rooms and appreciate the Middle Georgian engineering. 

The structure is presently on the National List of Historic Places and shows numerous curios and reports. 

14. Lebanon Landing County Park 

The serene and delightful entertainment zone at Lebanon Landing County Park close by Magnolia is the ideal spot to appreciate a family outing. It’s additionally a well-known fishing and sailing zone, with a side of the road vessel dispatch for simple admittance to the water. Visit Lebanon Landing County Park with frontier airlines flights reservations

15. Break the groups at Silver Lake Park 

As occupied as Dover can get, it’s difficult to accept that there could be such a quiet, characteristic territory in everything, except Silver Lake Park is actually that. The 182-section of the land park includes a few strolling trails, a lake, outdoor tables, and a play area, all encompassed by trees and immense green spaces.


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