Unique Payment Method Allows You To Pay With Cash

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Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular owing to the comfort this form of gambling brings. You get to experience all the best games from your homes as a casino experience is brought to your fingertips.

If you are a fan of these online casinos but still prefer cash payments, you might have found yourself wondering “With the global acceptance of cryptocurrency, what can we do with cash?”.

Well, there are a lot of reasons why cash is here to stay.

Even though there is no chance cash is going to disappear soon, here is a way for the online casino players to use their cash- CashtoCode Casinos.

What is CashtoCode

Cashtocode is a system that aims to make payments easier. It takes away the need to open bank accounts, debit cards, etc. This is a boon for those who are comfortable with hard cash.

This UK based company was quickly adopted outside of its target markets, German and Austrian, into regions like Greece, UK and Italy.

CashToCode Casinos

CashtoCode casinos are a popular option for many players as they allow you to easily make CashtoCOde payments on the casino. Wondering how? Complete the online transaction you wish to perform with the CashtoCode option on the casino site. This generates a QR code for you.

Take the QR code to your nearest Cashtocode point. The payment counters in these points can scan your QR code, and they accept ready cash equivalent to the amount you are required to pay on the site.

Once the system scans the QR and you make the payment, the system recognises that a payment has been made. This is reflected in your account, and you can go about your games to your hearts’ content.

Why CashToCode Casinos are Preferred

People prefer CashToCode payment options for a number of reasons. The main reasons are:

  • CashtoCOde casinos allow players to make safe payments. CashToCode also helps you avoid the cycle of digital fraud, credit card details being leaked, and so on. This is a quick way to use your ready cash to play your favourite games.You no longer have to give away your financial information or store it anywhere.
  • You get to play responsibly. You will only add as much money as you have available. This avoids betting with credit cards and loans, which lets you play responsibly and avoid debt.
  • This is a quick-to-use and free method. There are no additional costs associated with this method, which is a huge benefit.


CashtoCode is a safe and secure way to play games. It also ensures that cash never goes out of use, even with the surge in digital payments. With quick withdrawal options, safe and secure payments, and points for recharge, it is a great option to consider for a better gambling experience.


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