Smart Classes – The Academic Soup Of Digital Education

smart classes

Digital Education in today’s era is a crucial pedagogical approach, to gain engagement over academics among students and teachers. Today many technological novices have turned smart by adapting the smart classroom educational technological tools. If we closely analyze the existing pandemic times the most impacted area is the education fraternity. The education setups like coaching centres, school, and colleges all are closed due to Covid-2019. It has forced students and teachers to interact online and academic progression has been taken care of.

There are various online platforms available to conduct classes for instance Google classroom, Zoom, Microsoft Team, Cisco Web-Ex, and many more. These platforms are being used by academic institutions to conduct online lectures. The set up of Smart Classes may have taken a backseat due to Covid-2019 but it is still the better and the only option available to conduct the class for a group of students.

Online platform though the reach is there but then the teacher delivering a class through it finds it difficult to manage a large group when each and every student is responding simultaneously On the other hand, a smart class is an Edtech classroom which is a catalyst to a new digital pedagogical approach to reach a larger group of students.

The prime objective of smart classes is to invoke inquiry-based learning among the students by introducing them to 2D & 3D Animations, audio-video course curriculum concept explanations, presentations, and other multimedia images. This smart technology ensures that it reaches each and every student present in the class. Unlike other common online platforms, smart classrooms are more focused on in-classroom teaching and learning methodologies.

The smart learning education system is considered to be a boon in today’s world. India has taken massive progress in terms of introducing Edtech products to the education industry. Though the pandemic crisis is devastating this has not led the spirits of the State Education Department limited; across the nation, there is a huge wave to digitalize not only the private schools but Government Schools too. The traditional education system is changing rapidly.

The benefits of Smart Class over traditional education system are:

  1. Novice to Smart: Smart classrooms are brain stimulators and inquiry-based, whereas traditional curriculum can be monotonous and promotes rote learning. Smart learning education system attempts at developing quick learning skills where teachers participate with students via learning tools and techniques.
  2. Plethora of Resources: There are various online resources that can be integrated into the Smart Class in the content form and can be explained to students by giving numerous examples. It gives a wider and varied opportunity to interact and respond with the teaching-learning group.
  3. Increased Engagement of Teachers and Students: The teacher finds it easy to reach the group of students, upgrades her/him digitally and smart technology eases the learning process for students.
  4. Easy to operate and maintain: The traditional classroom would require to chalk to be refilled and board to be cleaned after every lecture whereas smart resources are software-driven updates and the teachers lesson planning and student responses can be maintained and accessed with ease through smart class
  5. Highly Effective: we all know that visual learning retains the information for a longer period of time as compared to book reading writing. Hence, smart classes aids to smarter students
  6. Great Results: Schools can definitely sought better academic results good attendance ratio as the monotony of traditional education gets broken if you are a smart school with smart classes eventually leading to better teaching practices and generation curiosity quotient among the students, which in turn brings the progress in academics
  7. Contributing towards the environment: Smart Schools certainly contributes towards the green learning concept by opting for Smart classes thereby minimizing the usage of a paper base in schools

Technology today has accelerated the adoption of tech infrastructures to deliver education and this has strengthened the digital learning infrastructure in the school domain. This has not given the curiosity to students but has boosts the morale of teachers too helping them to digitally upgrade and cater the confidence to deliver lectures through tech tools


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