Advantages Of Taking Extended Warranty For Gadget

Benefits Of Taking Extended Warranty For Gadgets And Home Appliances-min

Modern appliances and devices make our lives easier. From smart TVs, to smart refrigerators and air conditioners, machines are now becoming more intuitive, and we no longer have to keep monitoring their performance. For instance, we now get smart air conditioners that come with smart sensors, that regulate the indoor temperature by taking our comfort, and the energy conservation into consideration. Similarly, smart refrigerators also help in conserving energy while keeping our food and dairy products safe and edible. Last but not least, we now get smart TVs that can be used as personal computers, instead of working on our smaller laptops.

These appliances and gadgets don’t come cheap either. To get the most of our home appliances and electronic gadgets, we have to spend a premium. Whether we talk about the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone, or a high-end, feature-rich laptop from a top brand, it goes without saying that they cost a lot more than an ordinary, mid-range device. As we often prioritize performance over price, it is important that we safeguard our investments by taking appropriate measures.

The best way to do so is by opting for an extended warranty. One can buy extended warranty for any appliance or device, provided they are still covered by the brand warranty during the time of purchase. Furthermore, some brands require you to purchase an extended warranty within the first two months of purchasing the product, so it is important that you know everything there is to know about extended warranties, along with their benefits.

Benefits of buying an extended warranty

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a laptop extended warranty, or an extended warranty for AC, it is important to remember that you can either purchase it from the brand, or from a third-party service provider. Furthermore, third-party service providers offer additional benefits that you may not find within the brand warranty.

For instance, most of the extended warranties offered by the brands provide coverage for the same damages covered under the standard limited warranty. This could mean that the extended warranty may not provide coverage for accidental damages due to spills and drops. To get an additional layer of protection, you might have to buy accidental protection plans offered by TV and laptop brands, which further adds to the amount you spend on the extended warranty.

However, third-party warranty extensions do offer protection against accidental damages, while also providing additional benefits. Below are some of those benefits you can enjoy, by purchasing extended warranties for your gadgets and home appliances.

  • Additional Warranty: Extended warranties are additional warranties that will protect your devices and appliances for 3-4 years on average. If the product gets damaged after the expiration of the brand warranty, the extended warranty ensures that the product gets repaired, no matter how many times it breaks down during the warranty period.
  • Technical Assistance: Those who purchase extended warranties can avail technical assistance over the phone, and talk to experts to know more about what is wrong with the product.
  • Cashless Repair: Third-party service providers offer cashless services, which means you do not have to spend an extra penny if the extended warranty is still in force.
  • Single Plan: A few third-party service providers also cover all of your appliances under a single plan. Furthermore, these warranties cover up to 10-year old appliances of any brand! Not only does this save you the hassle of taking separate extended warranties for different appliances, but even the relatively older appliances can be protected against damages.
  • Free Doorstep Pick-up and Drop: Third-party service providers also offer free doorstep pick-up and drop services, so that you don’t have to physically take your appliances and devices to the service centre. Not only does this save you the time, but it also provides greater convenience.

So now you are aware of almost all the things related to extended warranty. So here you get a bunch of benefits. You get the complete peace of mind in case any bad thing happens with your gadgets or home appliances.

Now you have the complete information regarding the extended warranty. So we think if you are buying a costly appliance or gadget then it’s a good idea to avail of extended warranty.


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