3 Things To Consider When Selecting Delivery Method for Direct Mail


Neighborhoods that offers mailing service through Every Door Direct Mail. This program is based on the carrier routes of the postal service and provides you with a method of sending mail to particular neighborhoods. The flyers this program sends are addressed generically, for example, Postal Customer instead of using a specific name and address. For each day, you can only send 5,000 mail pieces. You also have the option of mailing the flyers by including the full addresses. However, this method requires you to pay a higher postage fee regardless of whether it’s first-class or bulk mail.

1. Opt For The EDDM Route 

With the Every Door Direct program, you get a wizard that allows you to locate the neighborhoods using an interactive map. You should start this process by keying in the zip code into the wizard of your target market. After doing this, choose the kind of routes you’re searching for, such as residential or business address. Consequently, an interactive map comes up and go ahead and choose the carrier route. A window will pop up stating the number of pieces that’ll be mailed and the total cost for this route. You should then analyze these results depending on the different income levels or age groups to narrow down the outcome.

2. Buy A List 

You should also consider the option of sending out fully addressed flyers. Using the Every Door Direct Mail program isn’t possible with this program and should instead purchase from a list broker the addresses. Request your preferred broker to narrow down the list and only include certain neighborhoods within specific zip codes. They should also specify your desired demographics. Using this kind of mailing list, you’ll be able to select more demographics compared to when using a Postal Service program. Therefore, this offers you a way of producing a more target mailing in every neighborhood.

3. Choose A Printer 

When printing and preparing your flyers, make sure only to use a printer that’s conversant with mailing to be used on the Postal Service carrier routes. Experienced printers use a unique address format that has the approval of the Postal Service. You also need to inspect your printer to confirm its size is well-matched for the program before designing your direct mail or shared direct mail flyer. Moreover, you should ask the printer the type of file needed when printing the addresses onto the flyer after selecting to send your flyer to the full address acquired from the mailing list.

You should also ask whether the printer possesses bulk mail indicia for printing on your flyer. This is vital as it saves you the expense of having to purchase one. The third option is to print the address labels and then fix them by yourself onto your flyer.


After reading this in-depth article, you’re now well-informed on the best ways of distributing a business flyer mail across your neighborhood. With this in mind, you’re in a better position to identify which method best suits your needs.


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